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Toys VS. Boys


It's time for another sequel!
We'll continue with the theme of sex toys and their use,
like we did on Don't toy with me.

One of my readers brought to my attention that some peeps are a little
scared of sex toys. Well, at least concerned that they will lead
to impossible standards and maybe even some day replace sex.

Don't get me wrong, solo sex is SEX. But there is a vast difference
between using your hand or toys compared to sexual encounters with other people.

How 'bout we look at some facts and then make our conclusions?

TOYS VS. BOYS - The female perspective

How do they feel?

Toys:   They feel like plastic. No pulse, no warmth
             (if not considering overheating the vibrator).
             The vibrations are nice, but for me, no toy will ever beat my own fingers.
             And some men are quite handy too!

Boys:   They feel, hard, throbbing, exciting and hot.
             The movement is different and when you're not doing it yourself it may surprise,
             either in a good way or... well, let's just say too deep is too deep.

(Toys 0 - Boys 1)

How do they taste?

Toys:   Tastes like.. nothing? Or then they taste like pussy.
             If I preferred pussy juices over precum I'd just fuck women instead.

Boys:   After a good scrub they taste divine! And precum is such a sensual and primitive flavor.                              Awesome!
             But yeah, a dick that's been sweating in the pants for a day or two - NO THANK YOU.
             Go wash it first and then we can get to business.

BTW!   I have never tried playing with flavored lube, have you?

(Toys 0 - Boys 2)

Talking dirty / reacting to touch, sounds?

Toys:   Well, they don't talk. At least my toys so far have been quite mute.

Boys:   Some men are the silent type, but at least you can hear them breathing.
              Some on the other hand make such sexy sounds when they're close that it's more
              of a turn on than the touching itself. Communication is just much better with
              a human being than an inanimate object. A definite win for the boys.

(Toys 0 - Boys 3)

After sex cuddling, high fives, conversations and laughing?

Toys:   Not gonna happen.

Boys:   Cuddling = great. High fives = great. Conversations = awesome.
             An afterglow laughter while you're all relaxed, still inside of each other?

Another win for the boys.

(Toys 0 - Boys 4)

Okay, I think it's pretty useless to keep this going any further, right?
No toy can ever replace real human contact. There is much more to sex than just
the size, pressure or the general physical feel.
Toys suck at foreplay, they do not react to the way YOU feel to them,
you always know what they're gonna do next and there is no after-sex communication either
- you just have to go wash it with soap and hide it in your underwear drawer.

Obviously I don't have a dick and can't know how men feel about this, but I would
imagine that it is pretty much the same. Even if masturbation is a great thing,
you will still start missing having another person to experiment with, live out
your fantasies with and all the other things that come with human communication.

To all the men out there who are concerned about women having huge dildos
or super powerful vibrators: STOP WORRYING.

You can still use vibrators while having sex,
maybe get a vibrating penis ring and double the pleasure?

And the dildos just aren't that much fun to begin with. Size does matter,
but there are many things that we prefer over a huge dong!

When I think about the future and what kind of kinky, super awesome toys or
wonderful apps and gadgets it may hold for us, I'm more excited than scared.

Sure, a super realistic sex simulator might be addicting to some, but there
will never be the feeling of success, conquest or love with them.

Maybe it will prevent some people from cheating and finally couples with different
sexual appetites will be happier and more content. I doubt it will ever throw
aside the need for love, affection or even the tingling feeling when you're
flirting with someone and getting a response.

Let's embrace toys as a part of our sex lives, use them together with our partners
too and show them, that there really isn't anything to be jealous about.

Let's play together!

PS. Any last questions for my Q & A that's coming out later next week?

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