Saturday, April 12, 2014

1st Challenge - DAY 4

                                        My 7 sins are probably all the deadly sins.

Pride • I am proud every now and then, about the things that i'm good at,
              or my friends, family.. my dog. Okay so I definitely am a very proud person.

Envy • I sometimes envy people that post food-pics on Facebook etc.
              I get hungry when I look at food.

Gluttony • I can definitely reach gluttony with food and tv shows.
                       I can eat all the time and when I start watching a show there is no stopping it!

Lust • I don't really see this as a sin, but if it is then we should all just admit lusting after things.

Anger • When I see people abusing animals I go NINJA-PIRATE-BERSERKER
                on their ass, or on the nearest object that I can punch.. or cry against/yell at.

Greed • Again, food. I can't have enough of it. I think I might be addicted.. I can't live without food.

Sloth • Oh, I am just super lazy. And I love sleeping. During the winter I nap.. then nap some more..                              And when I wake up and after my dog forces me to go for a walk.. I nap some more.
               I usually use all my clean dishes ( and then something else, like baking paper as plates...)
               until I finally have no choice but to wash them.

So these are my 7 DEADLY sins.
Can you identify any of them in yourself? Comment below!
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