Monday, April 14, 2014

1st Challenge - DAY 6

This one is a pain in the ass. So many memories to choose from!
But still, it's gotta be done.

A walk through memory lane.

1. When I was about 5 years old, I was walking our dog, Remu.
    He was usually a perfect gentleman, but that day he saw something fun
    and started to run all of a sudden, so I fell and both of my legs grinded against the ground.
    They were bleeding from my knees to my ankles and I was crying a lot
    while my mom and my dad bandaged me up. It had been raining a little that day
    and then the Sun came out and brought a very bright double rainbow with it.
    I finally stopped crying, so we all drove to the city to go get some ice cream.
    Even though I remember it being painful it's a really happy memory and I will cherish it forever.

2. At this point I was already in school, maybe in the first or second grade.
    In Finland we start school at the age of 7, so I must have been about 7-8.
    All my neighbours were boys and I was over at my best friends house,
    that was just at the end of the road. We were playing cops and robbers.
    I was tying to save one of the robbers from jail and was running towards
    him, but the police noticed me and I had to get to a safe spot, which was a tree
    in the middle of their yard. I ran and just got there in time and leaned my back against it
    to catch my breath and rest after the run. The tree was filled with ants.
    There were thousands of them on it and after just a few seconds there was
    hundreds of them crawling inside my shirt and on it! Ants bite, you know.
    So I started screaming and running around and finally when nothing helped I
    started to run home and just took my shirt off. And I had nothing under it.
    Topless and humiliated in front of my friends I ran home and cried like the little girl that I was.
    It was horrible then because I was so embarrassed, but now I find horror in the ants.
    I'm not big on bugs. I even hate butterflies.
    And while spiders are the absolute worst, I'm not a fan of ants either.

3. One of the best memories of my life is when I met my current best friend.
    She transferred to my school at 6th grade and every girl in the class was
    so critical about what she was wearing and how she didn't seem to give a fuck    
    about what they had to say about her. I liked her instantly.
    After the day was over we sat down together at the stairs of the school and
    while I waited for my mom to come pick me up we started talking.
    The conversation started with her asking me: "Do you like dogs?"
    You all should already know the answer to this one, and with it we instantly bonded.
    My mom offered her a ride home, because we found out she lived close.
    After that moment we spent almost every day together with out dogs, just running in the woods.
    Because back then kids used to actually go outside and not spend all
    their time inside playing video games. Ah, the good old days.

4. This is one of the funniest memories I have and it takes place when I was 16.
     My two cousins and me took a trip to my family's cottage.
     Obviously there was some drinking, playing cards, music and marshmallows!
     The night was epic and I still have the pictures to prove it.
     I think they will explain it better than I ever could. So here's a few of my favorite ones:

Using my cousin to keep my balance while nomming the absolute fuck out of a marshmallow.

We don't really have a clear memory of what was going on when this picture was taken.
I think I might secretly be a ninja.

I think we finally lost our balance.
She seems to be enjoying being on top.

5. The ultimate happiest memory of my life is when my dog Maxim was born.
    The litter of 9 was born 10.04.2011. And I was right there helping deliver the pups into this world.
    When I first saw Maxim I just knew that he was going to be the most important thing in my life.

So that was it for the 6th day! And I will see you all back here tomorrow for day seven.
I hope you enjoyed it and I wish you'd share some of your epic moments with me in the comments below!

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  1. How did I manage to delete my comment? :DD I can't even...! But THAT cottage trip~ I remember something like we checked if there was any cops(/ghosts) outside?

    1. LOL Oh yeah.. I thought it was like.. cowboys.. I don't know where I got that... :D It was EPIC though. We had so much fun.


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