Sunday, March 23, 2014


The world today is filled with all sorts of gadgets and widgets
and there's even some technology we can't imagine living without.

In our fully electrified lives HD and 3D
have become more fascinating than a double D.

Our TV's are bigger, the picture is clearer and we have thousands
and thousands of channels to choose from.

The computers now have our whole lives in them and everything is digital.
Hell. Even our washing machines now require three manuals to use.

Now it's Google that has all the answers
and has become a modern day prophet.

I'm a girl who loves options, sure.
But when is it all too much?

I remember my first computer.
It didn't have internet yet, but it had GTA and a Pikachu game.
I was instantly hooked.

Now even my phone can do more than that.
I have apps and games. And the main use is to check Facebook.

This computer can smoothly run Skyrim with full graphic settings and about 200 active mods.
And I wouldn't settle for less.

Hey, my name is  Anonymous92126 and I'm a technoholic.

Yesterday I read an article of a man that couldn't see colours.
He had the problem fixed with a gadget that identifies the colours for him
and sends him audio instead.

He now has a passport that officially recognizes him as the first Cyborg.
A Cybernetic organism.

After reading the article I had to take a moment.
To think about the concept.
And if I would be willing to negotiate a merger between my body and technology.

Should a modern day human have to feel limited?
Maybe we are just evolving.

Is I can't  something to be forgotten?

I think we are all on our way to becoming cybernetic organisms.

We are always just a click away from the latest
fashion, movies, literature, food and even sex.

I'm not saying I don't enjoy convenience. It's pretty fucking great.
But when will the bad stuff outweight the good?

All I know is, yesterday I used an hour searching for porn and couldn't decide what to watch.
I was like a kid in a candy store. But instead of getting some, I got cranky.

What tech could you not live without? Comment below!

© Anonymous 92126

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  1. Great piece! I think I would be able to live without most devices that I use daily. If I had too. But My iPhone has basically all the contacts i need and pictures from 2 years in it. + I need my e-mail.


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