Monday, March 31, 2014

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

♥ PORN #2

The first part has so far been the most read post on my blog.
And it's time for the sequel!

Porn is AWESOME.
And to prove my point I will list some funny and interesting facts about porn,
that have caught my attention in the past.

This TOP 10 list is to celebrate everyone coming out of the closet
with their porn collections and also maybe change some views
that people, who don't watch porn have.

So without further due:

No 1.

Women don't discriminate.
It's proven that straight men get turned on by hot women
and gay men by hot men etc.
But all women seem to get turned on by all varieties:
Gay porn, straight porn, lesbian porn, tranny porn. We ♥ PORN!

I would agree. I watch a bit of everything.
Depending on what I'm in the mood for.

No 2.

Every second of the day more than 30 million people watch porn.
Isn't it good to know we're not alone?

No 3.

Every guy watches porn.
The University of Montreal tried to study differences
between men in their 20's who watch porn compared to those who didn't.
They couldn't find a single guy that didn't do it.

No surprise there.

No 4.

What part of the body do men concentrate on when watching porn?

a) the boobs
b) the ass
c) both of the above
d) the penetration
e) the face ?

Men you already should know the answer to this,
but some of the ladies might not. So here we go: It's the face. Bam.

No 5.

Aww that sweet Jackie Chan..
Did you know he broke into the film business by doing dirty movies?
The films included a little bit of fighting and a lot of the other f-activity!

No 6.

Want to be a male porn star? Might want to reconsider...
A good deal of male porn performers use Caverject, a drug that they inject straight into their dick to keep a boner during long shoots.
No pain no gain.

The same can also be said about the next one.

No 7.

The average pay for a male porn star is 500-600$.
Gay films pay three times that amount.

Hence the term, gay for pay.
PS. Women also get paid more for lesbian shoots.

No 8.

The most common cup size for female porn stars is B.

I like smaller breasts better and I don't like fake tits.
But this is something I haven't noticed.
Maybe it's just the films I watch... I don't know.
Oh wait, maybe I just need to do more research! Brb.

No 9.

Women who aren't on the pill spend more time looking at the genitals when watching porn.
While women that use hormonal birth control gaze on other things, like, are the sheets clean.

No 10.

About 20% of men admit to watching porn at the office.
And while I'm all for no  work  and  all  play,  you should know that
porn affects your short term memory, so pick your fap-moment carefully.

Share your facts with me in the comments below!
© Anonymous92126

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

♥ PORN #1


I've gotten many compliments recently regarding
the post where I admitted to watching porn.

I hear it makes me brave or some shit.

It seems women doing so is still a bit of a myth.
And it applies to more than just porn.

We can talk about bleeding once a month,
sore nipples, sex, yeast infections and our gynecologist visits.

SO WHY can't we talk about masturbation and what we use to get off?
Is it too personal when we do it all by ourselves?

I say it's about time we started to respect
the safest way to explore our fantasies
and got to know our sexuality without shame!

So, consider this post as shock treatment.
Here I am, making the first move - how modern of me.

FAP FAP FAP - How I experience masturbation and porn

I think I was 11 or 12 when I accidentally found the button.
And from there on out the next few years were spent on learning
all the different ways I could push it.

The shower head used to be my favorite.
And I still rather enjoy it while taking a bath.

But there is something I found during those first years of exploring,
something I can't really take with me to the tub. PORN.

I remember being home alone and going through the old VHS-tapes.
I felt like I'd die of boredom. Until I hit the jackpot.

A tape that started with the words The man and two women.

It was nothing like the porn we have today,
with the close-ups and terrible acting.
But it made getting off much faster and much more fun.

Then porn found it's way to the internet and suddenly it was all within our reach.
Though, I have to admit, it wasn't as easy to find as it is now.

But like I already mentioned in Cyborgification,
our standards for this visual aid have gotten out of control.

With too many categories to choose from,
we spend more time in finding porn than we do in watching it.

And then we have to know all the necessary lingo,
just so we don't get any nasty surprises.


DP,  3some,  gangbang,  milf,  tranny,  granny,  teen,  twink,
orgy,  creampie,  anal,  BBW,  femdom,  bdsm,  S&M,  golden shower,
scat,  roman shower,  fetish,  hentai,  gonzo,  voyeur,  DVDA,
moneyshot,  handjob,  blowjob,  rimjob ...

... no wonder searching for porn has started to feel like its own kind of a job!

And for some of you that might not enjoy porn the way I do,
here is why I like it so much:

I'm a very visual person,
and I like the fact, that with life being so fucking stressful,
I don't have to be already relaxed to fap.

With porn I can do it in the middle of the day
and get rid of some of the pressure.

I mean, try masturbating with your eyes closed
when a couple is fighting loudly next door,
knowing you only have 30 minutes to do it
and being already pissed off. No can do.
I sometimes need help getting off.

And porn provides it.
I don't see anything wrong with that.

The comments section below has the option for you to stay anonymous.
So open up. Especially women, but men too. Do you watch porn?
Can you do it without porn?
Do you talk about masturbation amongst friends?
Remember to say if you're a guy or a gal!

PS. A part #2 is coming up next!
© Anonymous92126

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Hey everyone!

Yesterday I got the most interesting request for a topic.
So a big thanks to one of my readers, you know who you are!

Today we're gonna take a trip to a mysterious and
a very misunderstood location on the social map: THE FRIENDZONE.

Contrary to the general belief: everyone has one.
Not just the ladies.

And before you start to throw things at me,
just give me a minute to share my point of view.

First of all, everyone just can't be attracted to everyone.
Nu-uh! Don't give me that I'll tap just about anything !  -look.

You only wanna fuck the HOT friends you've got.

Sure, that's normal.
We wanna fuck you too, if you're able to meet our standards.

Here are 10 steps you can follow in order to determine your fuckability:

1. Go stand in front of a mirror.

2. Think - you can use either your brain or your penis, not both - are you good looking?
    (NO ♦ Stop reading now and go cry in a corner or lower your standards)
    (YES ♦ Continue to step 3)
3. Are you interesting?
    (NO ♦ Go read a book, preferably about flirting)
    (YES ♦ Mmk, you sure? Fine.. continue to part 4)

4. Was she emotionally available when you met her?
    (NO ♦ She sees you as a bro, continue to part 5)
    (YES, at least I think so ♦ Continue to part 6)

5. Does she believe in sex between just friends?
    (NO ♦ Game over)
    (YES ♦ Continue to part 6)

6. Does she know you think she's fuckable?
    (NO ♦ Let her know -> fuck her)
    (YES ♦ Either she has her eye on someone else
     or then you screwed up at any of these steps: 1-5)

If these steps didn't help or
you want a relationship with her - continue to step 7.

7. Run, that bitch is fucked up.

If you're still not satisfied with the results,
better check steps 8. and 8.1.

8. Maybe she likes you, but thinks you just wanna fuck her, do you?
    (NO, I would love to date her ♦ GREAT, ask her out)
    (YES ♦ Game over)

8.1. Maybe she thinks you like her and doesn't wanna hurt your feelings, do you?
     (NO ♦ Okay, let her know that too -> fuck her)
     (YES ♦ Better not get involved with her)

If you're an asshole that just ignored the 8th step, feel free to continue to step 9.

9. Take her out on a date or two, until you get her to bed. Never call again.
    (NO ♦ You sure you don't like her? Because it seems you do.
     But if you're really sure, continue to step 10. Or repeat step 8 until you answer NO)
    (YES ♦ GREAT, remember to use a condom)

10. Go fuck yourself. No one wants a guy, who can't even admit to his own feelings.
      (I CAN! ♦ We don't like liars either, either you like her or you're not really an asshole)
      (FUCK YOU! ♦ Stop being such a little pussy and man up, bro)

There comes a time when we have to admit that some people just aren't that into us.
It's inevitable.

I don't wanna fuck anyone if I'm not drawn to them sexually.
Just a fact.

I have friends that are extremely fuckable
and then the ones that are great friends, but that I don't even want to imagine naked.

And then there are those friends that you've known for forever,
and just don't wanna risk anything, you know.
What if the sex was really, really bad? Awkward.

You have that kinds of friends too, so...
Congratulations, you have just located your friendzone!

Has anyone ever gotten out of the friendzone?
Comment below!

© Anonymous92126

The hit 'n runs

The hit counter was acting up so I decided to replace it.
The numbers went from (for an example) 300 to 275 when reloading the page.
I thought it was fucking annoying, so now I have two new counters!

Cherry Pops for the unique visits, the Sexclusive! deflowerations!
And the PEEK-a-BOO's for the total amount of views.

The counters were started at 325,
since it was the number on the old counter when I removed it.
Fuck that shit, right?

Lets pop those cherries and keep on playing together!

Less than 75 hours up and over 300 visits!!!
Thank you everyone.

Chuu~<3  Anonymous92126

Monday, March 24, 2014

Labels for daters

Hello readers.

Today I will give you a very sexclusive view
on a subject that's the talk of the day.
It was requested by one of my readers and I happily obliged.

We are all born in a certain way - with genitals.
And while not including people born intersexed,
that is what defines us biologically. What separates the genders.
Or at least it used to be.

Nowadays it's not quite as simple as that.
We have the third sex: the transgendered, androgynous
and the pangendered people, who wanna have it all.
I just call them greedy.

And if having more than two genders to look out for on
the dating scenario isn't confusing enough, lets bring sexuality into the picture.

Lets see.. hetero,  gay,  bi,  tran,  pan..  who can even keep count?
No wonder people like to date online when hooking up
has taken a step to  what the fuck -town.

I mean damn.
Now you need wikipedia just to make sure you don't offend people
by not understanding what their sex is.

And please, don't take this the wrong way.
I don't shun people because of what they have in their pants
or who they wanna screw. Sure, lets all be good friends.

But someone please shed some light on the situation.
How are we supposed to know what meat to eat?
The menu is just impossible to read if every dish is written in a different language.

Is gender becoming obsolete?
And why do some of us still have the need to define ourselves?

Share your thoughts!

© Anonymous92126

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spreading wings

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Suggest topics and get the inside view.

Tweety tweet, little birdies.
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Fucking A!

About 24 hours ago I finally got my blog up.
Something I'd wanted to do for ages.

And I certainly didn't expect it to break the 100 views on the first day.
I mean, we all gotta admit, blogs don't do as good anymore.

In today's world it's all about the visuals and the challenges and the SHOCK factor.
But here's the thing, people still enjoy reading.

I am a firm believer in witty conversations and challenging ourselves intellectually.
And I warmly welcome each and every one of you to take part.

So, my beloved readers, what shall we write about next?
And what brought you to read me in the first place?

Comment below!

Love,  Anonymous92126.


The world today is filled with all sorts of gadgets and widgets
and there's even some technology we can't imagine living without.

In our fully electrified lives HD and 3D
have become more fascinating than a double D.

Our TV's are bigger, the picture is clearer and we have thousands
and thousands of channels to choose from.

The computers now have our whole lives in them and everything is digital.
Hell. Even our washing machines now require three manuals to use.

Now it's Google that has all the answers
and has become a modern day prophet.

I'm a girl who loves options, sure.
But when is it all too much?

I remember my first computer.
It didn't have internet yet, but it had GTA and a Pikachu game.
I was instantly hooked.

Now even my phone can do more than that.
I have apps and games. And the main use is to check Facebook.

This computer can smoothly run Skyrim with full graphic settings and about 200 active mods.
And I wouldn't settle for less.

Hey, my name is  Anonymous92126 and I'm a technoholic.

Yesterday I read an article of a man that couldn't see colours.
He had the problem fixed with a gadget that identifies the colours for him
and sends him audio instead.

He now has a passport that officially recognizes him as the first Cyborg.
A Cybernetic organism.

After reading the article I had to take a moment.
To think about the concept.
And if I would be willing to negotiate a merger between my body and technology.

Should a modern day human have to feel limited?
Maybe we are just evolving.

Is I can't  something to be forgotten?

I think we are all on our way to becoming cybernetic organisms.

We are always just a click away from the latest
fashion, movies, literature, food and even sex.

I'm not saying I don't enjoy convenience. It's pretty fucking great.
But when will the bad stuff outweight the good?

All I know is, yesterday I used an hour searching for porn and couldn't decide what to watch.
I was like a kid in a candy store. But instead of getting some, I got cranky.

What tech could you not live without? Comment below!

© Anonymous 92126

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Anonymous92126, in other words - ME!
The voice behind Sexclusive!

I will keep this very light and casual,
as you will get to know later on - is just how I roll.

I've been wondering just how much of myself I should pour into this little blog.
How deep shall we dip?
OR should I be mysteriously seductive and let you guys make me what you desire?

Maybe there is an in-between that we can use.
So here we go: Only the things I find that you need to know to get under my skin.

I was born in the early 90's.
The decade that gave us The Smurfs, grunge, cable TV
and THE INTERNET. Not to mention the best euro-dance.

My little Pony was all the rage and porn was still in the closet
- as were most gays.
There was no BITCH - I'M FABULOUS.

Thank god we outgrew from hiding all the good stuff
and finally outed SEX .

I was raised in a sheltered environment.
And in my early teens Sex and the City  was the closest thing to porn I had ever seen.
Boy, have things changed...
Now sex is everywhere.
And taboos are becoming a source of rauchy humour.
That's the way the new millennium likes it!

I'm just your every-day-nerdy-brunette with a sense of personal style and a pair of tits.
I don't look like I was ripped of a fashion magazine.

But there is something that makes me rather exquisite.
And it's not the way I look. Believe it or not.
It's just confidence and the afterglow of a good orgasm.
Yea, you heard me - an ORGASM - women can have 'em too.

An orgasm a day keeps the frown away!

So lets indulge ourselves to pleasure and life.
And get this thing going with a good-old-fashioned FAP.

You can tell me what would be on your TOP 5 list of the 90's.

© Anonymous92126