Friday, June 6, 2014

Hot as hell


It's finally here: SUMMER!

In my country we have a long and a very cold winter,
but also a very hot summer, however short it may be.

There are some things that heat brings with it,
that just seem to always be included in the package.
Some are amazing things, some a little less so.

Summer is and always will be my favorite season
and I will tell you why.

First of all,
it's WARM and SUNNY.

No more HUGE winter coats and lots of layers,
that still don't help that much to be honest.
Winter doesn't agree with me, since I'm always cold no matter what I wear.

Instead I get to wear dresses and skirts and show a little skin.
I love the way the sun light embraces me and just feels like it's covering me with loving kisses.

I also don't mind terribly seeing guys with their shirts off.

Of course there is also a downside to all the skin that's showing.
In summer my sexuality is heightened. I'm sure this happens to a lot of people.

Everyone just seems to be happier, more outgoing and flirtatious.

And summer definitely brings the worst out in me on that front.
Sexual frustration sometimes leads to bad decisions.

Then there's the fact that you can drink outside and you don't
have to plan your every move based on if you will freeze to death outside or not.

You can just grab a few cold ones and go to the beach to enjoy the sun and the people.
It's fucking great.

But drinking and the fact that you're super horny all the time,
while being surrounded with people equally horny... and drunk?
Not too easy trying to keep your standards up
when you just want to dry hump every tanned, amazing body you see.

Heat brings on the HEAT.

Then if you already didn't know,
I have a thing for muscle cars, classic cars.. THE HOT RODS.
And when summer comes, the cars come out of hibernation and hit the streets.
Great, one more thing about summer to make me feel super sexual and excited.

Now I don't only want to ride every good looking guy that comes
along, but their cars as well!!!

Could picking me up have been made any easier?

Thank god there are some things that do slow me down a bit.
Like MOSQUITOES (and other bugs).

First they eat you alive, it hurts for a bit and starts to itch.
Then after you've scratched your legs to the point where you
don't want to show yourself in public anymore, they eat your arms too.
I hate bugs!

Then there is the fact that no matter what I do,
my apartment gathers a lot of heat during the morning to last all day long.

It wouldn't bother me that much,
but I have a dog and I just can't leave him alone in there.

And there aren't many places where I can bring him with.
So it's a bit of a bummer.

It's a good think I love him to death or otherwise I might get a little annoyed with all the arrangements I have to make.

But it's still awesome to be spending time outside with him,
taking long walks is much nicer during summer than it is in winter!

Now I think I will go take a long, cooling bath
and go enjoy the sun after I feel freshened up!

Maybe it will cool down my mind as well...

Now go put on your bikini, your shorts or whatever you feel like wearing,
show a little skin, meet up with your friends and be promiscuous all you want..

© Anonymous92126

An odd thing

Hello peepers!

So I had a very interesting start to my week.
I was drinking with my buddies. Not a lot,
but like a few beers, hanging out & singing karaoke.

You know, the basic stuff you do at a bar.

When it was time to leave I took my bike
and was FINE for the time being.

But then something happened, I fucked up
and ended up in the ditch with the skin on my fingers FUCKING PEELED OFF.
I can tell you right now, that shit hurts.

Other than that I also bumped my head,
my left shoulder, both of my thighs, my right knee
and my jaw has a nasty wound and bruising on it too.

So OFC I look god damn sexy right now with all these bandages,
bruises and my eyes all wild from the very strong painkillers.

But I'm alive and this will not get in the way
of me blogging for you guys! ☺ ♥

So here I am, continuing the 10-day challenge.

So there are A LOT of weird things I do almost on a daily basis
and I'm only allowed to list 3. This is gonna be hard.

1. Teaching my dog English

So I don't know how WEIRD this is,
but I don't think it's normal to talk to your pet in a foreign language.
But I do it anyway.

I don't know if he can understand me, but since I think in English it feels very natural for me.
And who knows, maybe my dog is bilingual by now!

2. Being a mermaid 

Again, not too sure of what stage of FREAKY this is,
but I take my laptop with me to the bath.

I usually make a nice strong structure with something over the sink,
then put my lappy on it and just watch a movie while I bathe.

And it might be a long ass movie too.
Then I end up being in the water for like 2 hours straight.

Eventually the water will cool down and I will have to empty the
tub a little bit so I can refill it with warm water.

Sometimes I even make a little picnic out of my time in the bath
and bring snacks. Like tea and a bite to eat.

When I finally get out I look like a fucking raisin.

3. Using my coffee maker to brew tea

So this I do all day - every day!
Since I am hugely addicted to tea.

So instead of using like a GAZILLION tea bags per day,
I only use a few.

And how I manage to do that is with my coffee maker.
I put the tea bag in the pot and max out the water and TADDAAH!

9 fucking cups of tea.
With just 1 bag.

But I get weird looks from my guests every time I do it.

Okay so there we go.
I'm sure some of the weird things that I do might have been more
interesting, but these are the ones I do basically every day.

If you want to find out more, just send me more questions for my
upcoming Q&A!

Also comment below and tell me what weird stuff you do often
and maybe I won't feel so awkward about this.

PS. So I know I promised you guys something EXTRA SPECIAL
when we hit 1000 views and it's almost time to reveal what it will be.
Stay tuned this weekend to find out!

© Anonymous92126

Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't toy with me


So I got a request a while back to do a list of
the most bizarre sex toys I have seen on the internet.

Thanks JackSmile for this awesome challenge!

And trust me, I have seen plenty!

Toys are awesome.
But some are just too over the top even for my taste.

I went back to explore some of the sites where I've seen
the creepiest of play things ever created.


No 1.  Silicon Helmut the German Sheppard

Ever wondered what it would be like to have sex
with a male... wait for it...

DOG?  More specifically a German Sheppard.

I hope the answer is a big fat NO.
Good. Me either.

This is just wrong.
I mean, of course it's BETTER than actually doing it with a dog,
but it's still sick as fuck.


No 2. Artificial Hymen

So there seems to be a way to restore your virginity! promises that with their product you can:


They also promise a free immediate delivery all over the world.

Seems legit.

And gross.
Fake blood in your v-jayjay - CREEPY.
OR appealing?

No 3. Realistic sex dolls.

Ever wanted to have sex to a small, silicone, anime character?

It's possible!
And expensive.

So if you're rich and extremely disturbed,
you go on ahead.

Just try not to forget real human contact.
Because the only thing creepier than a guy playing with dolls,
is a guy pretending that the doll is real and dragging it around.

that's the whole point of it!

Just trust me on this one.

No 4. The Tentacle

Okay... so who wouldn't like to be raped by a giant tentacle-monster?

Say AYE!

I'm kind of torn about this one.
When I think about The Tentacle in use, it creeps me out,
but I find the idea of it funny and cool.

But don't think for a second that I would ever put it to use.
It looks incredibly uncomfortable.

No 5. Bruce the Shark

Following up in the footsteps of the previous monstrosity
is Bruce the Shark.

I've seen Jaws, but not once did I pause it to wonder
if the great white had multiple penises.

Definitely news to me.
This one too looks unusable in my eyes,
I just don't know how that would ever slide in.

No 6.  Hotdoll

Okay so dogs are said to be man's best friends.
I would second that opinion.

As a dog person I think this would be the perfect end
to the list of the most bizarre sex toys I have ever seen.

Not all sex toys are for people.
This one is a legitimate sex toy for canine use.

A poochie pounding doll...
It looks weird as fuck.

But I guess it might help some of the hyper active dogs out there...
Might not be the best ice breaker when you have guests over though.

" What's  that? "
" Uhm..  I  uhm..  It's  an..  uhm.. "

Yeah. Awkward.

So there we have it, 6 of the most bizarre sex toys I've ever come across the internet.
Hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, remember to share it with your friends!

You can also find me on Twitter @Anonymous92126.

PS. What was your favorite creepy-sex toy?
Comment below! And if you have seen something even MORE BIZARRE
let us know and include the link in your comment!

Also remember to send me some of your questions for the upcoming Q&A!

© Anonymous92126