Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hit me up!

Dear readers,
I've been doing some posts that have required your assistance.

I rather like keeping the gender ratio in my surveys even and I always end up getting more
male participants, so I'm now sending an S.O.S to all you lovely ladies that read my blog:

You can use the Hit me up -gadget on the right OR
Go to my page and send me a message if you would like to take part!
I will be able to answer directly to your e-mail address whenever I have a new post that
needs YOUR VOICE in it. Even then, you can can choose not to answer some questions,
or even to not take part at all!
Contacting me will give me the option to inform you of any new surveys coming up,
so if you like the posts with reader Q&A's, hit me up!

And HUGE thanks for every single one of you that has offered their opinions, ♥ U!

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Time to think modern


In this world we're constantly surrounded by images and ideals
created by the media and the people around us.
So often, that it's sometimes hard to form our own independent first impressions and opinions.
For some people it seems to be completely impossible.

Stereotypes are alive and well in today's society,
even though we're struggling to rid ourselves from judgement.
One of my readers wanted me to write a post about sexual stereotypes, and obviously I obliged.

And since I'm only one person and stereotypes come in all shapes and forms,
and possibly vary between genders, I had 5 men and 5 women answer the same questions.
The answers are shown by [men] & (women).
And I also added my commentary after each question!


1. Are men sexually more active than women?

• No, I think gender has no effect. [4](4)
• Yes. (1)
• No, I think women are sexually more active than men. [1]

ME: I don't think gender matters at all.

2. Do women watch porn?

• Yes. [3](2)
• Yes, but not as much as men. [2](3)

ME: I think most women watch porn. I know women that do not watch porn or at least don't admit to it.

3. Who has the biggest sexual appetite: brunettes, red heads or blondes?

• Blondes. (1)
• Red heads. [1]
• Hair colour doesn't reflect into ones sexuality. [4](4)

ME: I've never seen a difference in behavior due to hair colour, but I know some people swear
that red heads are the most wild and blondes are the easiest to charm into bed. I call BS.

4. Why is it more acceptable for men to have multiple sex partners?

• It don't see a difference, but I think it's because...
  - of men/women who think this way haven't been taught to respect women. [1]
  - of porn and movies. [2](1)
  - of religion. (2)
  - of expectations: people expect women to be more rational about sex/
    people expect women to only have sex with people they have a romantic interest towards. (2)
• I don't know. [2]

ME: I don't know many people that still think like this, or any?
But I have heard rumors being spread, so obviously this way of thinking still stands.
I think the main reason is that people LOVE to judge others and gossip.
And also just, that expectations are hard to change.
In the past the virginity of a girl was seen as something that adds to their value as a future spouse
and is still seen as such in some regions of the world.

5. What do you think is the most common sexual stereotype?

• If men have many sexual partners, it adds positively to their image
  where as women who have a high amount of sexual partners are considered to be slutty. [1](1)
• That gay men are always feminine. [1]
• Once a cheater, always a cheater. (1)
• Heterosexual women are more likely to experiment with the same gender than hetero men. (1)
• You can tell what a person's sexual orientation is based on their looks. (1)
• Men are always ready to have sex. [2]
• If a woman doesn't moan it means they don't enjoy sex. (1)
• The nice and quiet girls are the wildest in bed. [1]

ME: I would also have to go with "Men are always ready to have sex."
    Because I know some men have a hard time admitting they're not always in the mood.
    Among us women the idea of men always being horny is also very deeply imprinted.

We've now seen all the answers and the gender ratio. Any surprises?
Comment below!

Also feel free to suggest new topic ideas, I will try my best to make them happen!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Counter Strike

Well, it so happened, that my hit counters went into a strike AGAIN.
Happens every few thousand hits. So, I went ahead and got me some new fancy counters!
And also renamed them more distinctively.

We're closing in on the big 10.000 on the Visitor counter and we'll do something magnificent
then, like, maybe a photo shoot on how I live my life behind the screen? Any thoughts?

Feel free to suggest anything!

© Anonymous92126

A highly recommended BF

Heya guys!

I know it's been a while again, been super busy.
And super lazy at the same time. It happens.

How have you all been?

I've been great!
So much has happened again, not sure where to begin.

Well, I started studying again, being productive about my future,
which is good. Finally moved too.

And I started dating this amazing guy.
That's right, this little piggy just left the market!

Dirty details? Hmm. Not sure he wants everyone to know, but okay!
He's FUNNY. Uhhuh. Good looking too. And clever.

AND he comes highly recommended. No, not HOW YOU THINK, you perverts!

He used to work in the same town as my aunt and just yesterday she was talking
to the city-executive-mayor-person-guy(?!) and she told him that her niece is..
(what should we call him? His name starts with a J, so let's go with that..)
.. dating J and the city-executive-mayor-person-guy(?!) told her to tell me, to NEVER,
in whatever the situation is, let go of this amazing, intelligent, hardworkinghonest
(and the list goes on and on..) man.

So as you see, he really does come highly, HIGHLY recommended. ☺
He also has fairly good taste in food, he's a great cook and he can make a pretty badass cheese cake.


( PS.  The   s e x   is great..  shhhh ... )

Then onto other things.
I'm in the hospital because I have contracted the puumala virus, PUUV,
which is a species of hantavirus. It's a virus that spreads by the feces of bank voles.
The excrement turns into dust after it dries and once you inhale it you can catch the virus.
It can't be transmitted from human to human. The virus was first found in Finland but there have been
cases elsewhere in Northern Europe as well. Check the Wiki page for more info!

I got in here yesterday, after 5 days of almost 40 °C fever (equal to 104 °F).
The blood test for the virus came back positive and soon after they assigned me a room.

Now the fever has gone down a bit, but I still feel tired all the time.
Hopefully I'll get out soon.

My granny died and I'd really like to be there for my dad and the rest of my relatives to help them
with the funeral arrangements. They want me to write something to say at the reception.

Well that's it for the news flash.

Next piece I'm writing is about sexual stereotypes, 
if you want, you can comment below about any that come to mind! 

Thank you and cya soon!

/Edit 10:53 - Just got news that I get to go home if I promise to drink enough or go have an iv fix at the ER if I feel dehydrated. Blood tests again on Thursday, but at least until then my arms are safe!

©  Anonymous92126