Sunday, December 14, 2014


A pretty little plaything,
never questioning your will,

finally rebels,
gets a mark on her skin.

Compelled to lose control,
obey your every whim,

forced to feel ashamed,
tear falls from cheek to chin.

A pretty little plaything
once again surrenders,

do what you do best
and let the game begin.

© Anonymous92126

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Dear readers!

I have thought long and hard and I want to expand Sexclusive! to be a team of writers!
That is, if I can find someone good enough. Are you up for the challenge?

Look on the right at the Hit me up -box and send me an e-mail if you're interested!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hit me up!

Dear readers,
I've been doing some posts that have required your assistance.

I rather like keeping the gender ratio in my surveys even and I always end up getting more
male participants, so I'm now sending an S.O.S to all you lovely ladies that read my blog:

You can use the Hit me up -gadget on the right OR
Go to my page and send me a message if you would like to take part!
I will be able to answer directly to your e-mail address whenever I have a new post that
needs YOUR VOICE in it. Even then, you can can choose not to answer some questions,
or even to not take part at all!
Contacting me will give me the option to inform you of any new surveys coming up,
so if you like the posts with reader Q&A's, hit me up!

And HUGE thanks for every single one of you that has offered their opinions, ♥ U!

© Anonymous92126

Time to think modern


In this world we're constantly surrounded by images and ideals
created by the media and the people around us.
So often, that it's sometimes hard to form our own independent first impressions and opinions.
For some people it seems to be completely impossible.

Stereotypes are alive and well in today's society,
even though we're struggling to rid ourselves from judgement.
One of my readers wanted me to write a post about sexual stereotypes, and obviously I obliged.

And since I'm only one person and stereotypes come in all shapes and forms,
and possibly vary between genders, I had 5 men and 5 women answer the same questions.
The answers are shown by [men] & (women).
And I also added my commentary after each question!


1. Are men sexually more active than women?

• No, I think gender has no effect. [4](4)
• Yes. (1)
• No, I think women are sexually more active than men. [1]

ME: I don't think gender matters at all.

2. Do women watch porn?

• Yes. [3](2)
• Yes, but not as much as men. [2](3)

ME: I think most women watch porn. I know women that do not watch porn or at least don't admit to it.

3. Who has the biggest sexual appetite: brunettes, red heads or blondes?

• Blondes. (1)
• Red heads. [1]
• Hair colour doesn't reflect into ones sexuality. [4](4)

ME: I've never seen a difference in behavior due to hair colour, but I know some people swear
that red heads are the most wild and blondes are the easiest to charm into bed. I call BS.

4. Why is it more acceptable for men to have multiple sex partners?

• It don't see a difference, but I think it's because...
  - of men/women who think this way haven't been taught to respect women. [1]
  - of porn and movies. [2](1)
  - of religion. (2)
  - of expectations: people expect women to be more rational about sex/
    people expect women to only have sex with people they have a romantic interest towards. (2)
• I don't know. [2]

ME: I don't know many people that still think like this, or any?
But I have heard rumors being spread, so obviously this way of thinking still stands.
I think the main reason is that people LOVE to judge others and gossip.
And also just, that expectations are hard to change.
In the past the virginity of a girl was seen as something that adds to their value as a future spouse
and is still seen as such in some regions of the world.

5. What do you think is the most common sexual stereotype?

• If men have many sexual partners, it adds positively to their image
  where as women who have a high amount of sexual partners are considered to be slutty. [1](1)
• That gay men are always feminine. [1]
• Once a cheater, always a cheater. (1)
• Heterosexual women are more likely to experiment with the same gender than hetero men. (1)
• You can tell what a person's sexual orientation is based on their looks. (1)
• Men are always ready to have sex. [2]
• If a woman doesn't moan it means they don't enjoy sex. (1)
• The nice and quiet girls are the wildest in bed. [1]

ME: I would also have to go with "Men are always ready to have sex."
    Because I know some men have a hard time admitting they're not always in the mood.
    Among us women the idea of men always being horny is also very deeply imprinted.

We've now seen all the answers and the gender ratio. Any surprises?
Comment below!

Also feel free to suggest new topic ideas, I will try my best to make them happen!

© Anonymous92126

Monday, November 17, 2014

Counter Strike

Well, it so happened, that my hit counters went into a strike AGAIN.
Happens every few thousand hits. So, I went ahead and got me some new fancy counters!
And also renamed them more distinctively.

We're closing in on the big 10.000 on the Visitor counter and we'll do something magnificent
then, like, maybe a photo shoot on how I live my life behind the screen? Any thoughts?

Feel free to suggest anything!

© Anonymous92126

A highly recommended BF

Heya guys!

I know it's been a while again, been super busy.
And super lazy at the same time. It happens.

How have you all been?

I've been great!
So much has happened again, not sure where to begin.

Well, I started studying again, being productive about my future,
which is good. Finally moved too.

And I started dating this amazing guy.
That's right, this little piggy just left the market!

Dirty details? Hmm. Not sure he wants everyone to know, but okay!
He's FUNNY. Uhhuh. Good looking too. And clever.

AND he comes highly recommended. No, not HOW YOU THINK, you perverts!

He used to work in the same town as my aunt and just yesterday she was talking
to the city-executive-mayor-person-guy(?!) and she told him that her niece is..
(what should we call him? His name starts with a J, so let's go with that..)
.. dating J and the city-executive-mayor-person-guy(?!) told her to tell me, to NEVER,
in whatever the situation is, let go of this amazing, intelligent, hardworkinghonest
(and the list goes on and on..) man.

So as you see, he really does come highly, HIGHLY recommended. ☺
He also has fairly good taste in food, he's a great cook and he can make a pretty badass cheese cake.


( PS.  The   s e x   is great..  shhhh ... )

Then onto other things.
I'm in the hospital because I have contracted the puumala virus, PUUV,
which is a species of hantavirus. It's a virus that spreads by the feces of bank voles.
The excrement turns into dust after it dries and once you inhale it you can catch the virus.
It can't be transmitted from human to human. The virus was first found in Finland but there have been
cases elsewhere in Northern Europe as well. Check the Wiki page for more info!

I got in here yesterday, after 5 days of almost 40 °C fever (equal to 104 °F).
The blood test for the virus came back positive and soon after they assigned me a room.

Now the fever has gone down a bit, but I still feel tired all the time.
Hopefully I'll get out soon.

My granny died and I'd really like to be there for my dad and the rest of my relatives to help them
with the funeral arrangements. They want me to write something to say at the reception.

Well that's it for the news flash.

Next piece I'm writing is about sexual stereotypes, 
if you want, you can comment below about any that come to mind! 

Thank you and cya soon!

/Edit 10:53 - Just got news that I get to go home if I promise to drink enough or go have an iv fix at the ER if I feel dehydrated. Blood tests again on Thursday, but at least until then my arms are safe!

©  Anonymous92126

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just press PLAY ♫

Hello again! 

Posting for the third day in a row now.
I have so much to write about after my break.

I got another topic request recently from one of my friends
and it's something I haven't even thought of writing about.

Music and sex.

Some people swear that music sets the mood. And that there is some music that is
almost made for the sole purpose of making love.

This is a subject that I haven't really ever thought about.
I've had sex while music is playing I'm sure. I've also had sex while the tv was on.

But I just concentrate so much on the other person, that everything surrounding
me just becomes a blur. Music, the sounds of the cars driving by the house,
distant dogs barking.. You name it.

Some people even say, that when the music is right, the rhythm is right.
Please, can I just say: WHAAAAA?

I'm sure you can adapt to the rhythm of the music while you're doing the dirty,
but isn't it boring to stay in the same tempo all the time?

It's true that sometimes two people can have some trouble finding the same page
while they're in bed, but that's just natural. It should be fine with some practice.

Personally, I think the best background noise is nothing more than birds chirping,
rain blasting into the window or just silence.

I think breathing, moaning and laughter, even talking go better with sex than music.
But people are different and I can understand how music may be a requirement
for getting into the moment and blocking everything else out.

But the best sex I've ever had, has been in complete silence, when you can feel and hear the
other persons heart beat. Their breathing. The little moans that slip from the tongue.

When you can hear the sound of kissing. And all the other, maybe not so flattering sounds,
that the human bodies make when they're intertwined. For me it's all part of it.

I think it brings two people, even strangers into a zone where everything about them is acceptable.
And this gets us a little off the rails, but that also applies to lighting.

I do not understand people that can't have sex with lights on.
Isn't it nice to be able to see what the other person looks like? Their eye color, the way that
a drop of sweat is dripping from their forehead, down the eyebrow onto their cheekbones and all the
way down to their chin? I think it's sexy. I think it's primitive, sensual. It's just HOT.

Okay back to the subject, whew, got a little carried away there...

Now that I am writing about this, I'm feeling slight pressure to make a TOP 5 list of songs
for getting it on. I think I owe that to you - my dear readers.

So here we go, click the song title to get to the Youtube link if you're not familiar with them.

1. Kazy - I need you tonight

- Sex is just oozing out of this song in every way imaginable.

2. Placebo - Space monkey

- The music is just so freaking sexy! And the way Brian Molko sings it.. drool.

3. Nine Inch Nails - Closer

- "I want to fuck you like an animal."

4. Madonna - Justify my love

- No need to explain, I hope.

5. Marvin Gaye - Let's get it on

- Okay this is just a must have on this list! It's fun, relaxed and a classic.

That was easier than I thought, Although, I'd rather call them foreplay songs,
since once the act itself begins, I don't hear the music anyways. But, whatever works!

Now I'm curious, what would be your TOP 5 list?
Comment below!

©  Anonymous92126

Monday, September 15, 2014

My way

Hello everyone.

Today I'm not going to write as cheerfully and casually as usual.
I have something on my mind and I'd like to share it with you guys.

I heard a statement, that people who live selfishly, live a longer and
more importantly - a happier life.

So I started thinking how that could in any way be possible.
Aren't selfish people usually lonely? Doesn't loneliness make you sad?

After a while of pondering on the subject I forced myself out of the box and
soon realized that there are positive ways to be selfish. It may not be a bad thing.

I think it is wonderful that people take joy in helping others.
Caring is an incredible thing. But can't it also be done for selfish reasons?

Isn't everything we do, done from a subjective angle?
I think the answer to that question is a definite YES.

Surely we can never fully understand the need of others.
Or their wants and dreams in life. We can only see things from our perspective.

What some people see as selfishness, others would consider a totally selfless act.

And don't we also want to feel good about ourselves?
Feel like for once we have done the right thing, independent from our own needs.

I know I enjoy the feeling of giving. Helping, being needed.

I also want to feel like the future of the planet,
the world that surrounds us, is secured and also MY FUTURE.

All of us have our own reasons for doing the things we do - the good and the bad.
We don't do it because someone out there is guiding us to the right direction.

There is no right direction.
Only a subjective view of what is best for survival and happiness.

Even if we do something that we don't enjoy, for the happiness of the people around us,
it can't truly be considered selfless. We hate seeing other people miserable.

Think about it, how many people researching a cure for cancer, have lost someone
dear to them to the disease? And how many of them has that been an inspiration to?

I don't know for sure, but I would guess, many.
It doesn't take away the value of it, those people get paid to do an important job.
And it's even better that they are inspired to do it.

Same goes with pretty much everything, we need to have a reason.
Without any drive, we would accomplish nothing. And never achieve greatness.

They say lazy people have been responsible for many great inventions.
And I second that theory. Selfishness is not something to be seen in a negative light.

Of course, like with everything else, moderation is key.
People that have no consideration for other beings or that use totally
disrespectful ways to get what they want aren't just selfish.

They are narcissistic. They throw off the balance that makes it work.
The magic of it all are people who do things for others for selfish reasons,
GOOD things.

They make the world better, for good reasons, for themselves too.
They thrive to be happy, because they think they deserve it, but have a healthy look on life.
They understand that to be truly happy, you need to be surrounded by happy people and love.

Talking about love, among humans, there is no selfless love.
It is never unconditional. There are always expectations, hopes and dreams.
But it is forgiving and makes room for mistakes.

Love gives chances to try again if you fucked up.
But only to a certain limit. Love is selfish and it should be selfish.

Love makes people grow. It makes people want to be more than they are
and it challenges people that surround you, to be more than what they are.

"Selfish people live a longer - happier life."

©  Anonymous92126

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Toys VS. Boys


It's time for another sequel!
We'll continue with the theme of sex toys and their use,
like we did on Don't toy with me.

One of my readers brought to my attention that some peeps are a little
scared of sex toys. Well, at least concerned that they will lead
to impossible standards and maybe even some day replace sex.

Don't get me wrong, solo sex is SEX. But there is a vast difference
between using your hand or toys compared to sexual encounters with other people.

How 'bout we look at some facts and then make our conclusions?

TOYS VS. BOYS - The female perspective

How do they feel?

Toys:   They feel like plastic. No pulse, no warmth
             (if not considering overheating the vibrator).
             The vibrations are nice, but for me, no toy will ever beat my own fingers.
             And some men are quite handy too!

Boys:   They feel, hard, throbbing, exciting and hot.
             The movement is different and when you're not doing it yourself it may surprise,
             either in a good way or... well, let's just say too deep is too deep.

(Toys 0 - Boys 1)

How do they taste?

Toys:   Tastes like.. nothing? Or then they taste like pussy.
             If I preferred pussy juices over precum I'd just fuck women instead.

Boys:   After a good scrub they taste divine! And precum is such a sensual and primitive flavor.                              Awesome!
             But yeah, a dick that's been sweating in the pants for a day or two - NO THANK YOU.
             Go wash it first and then we can get to business.

BTW!   I have never tried playing with flavored lube, have you?

(Toys 0 - Boys 2)

Talking dirty / reacting to touch, sounds?

Toys:   Well, they don't talk. At least my toys so far have been quite mute.

Boys:   Some men are the silent type, but at least you can hear them breathing.
              Some on the other hand make such sexy sounds when they're close that it's more
              of a turn on than the touching itself. Communication is just much better with
              a human being than an inanimate object. A definite win for the boys.

(Toys 0 - Boys 3)

After sex cuddling, high fives, conversations and laughing?

Toys:   Not gonna happen.

Boys:   Cuddling = great. High fives = great. Conversations = awesome.
             An afterglow laughter while you're all relaxed, still inside of each other?

Another win for the boys.

(Toys 0 - Boys 4)

Okay, I think it's pretty useless to keep this going any further, right?
No toy can ever replace real human contact. There is much more to sex than just
the size, pressure or the general physical feel.
Toys suck at foreplay, they do not react to the way YOU feel to them,
you always know what they're gonna do next and there is no after-sex communication either
- you just have to go wash it with soap and hide it in your underwear drawer.

Obviously I don't have a dick and can't know how men feel about this, but I would
imagine that it is pretty much the same. Even if masturbation is a great thing,
you will still start missing having another person to experiment with, live out
your fantasies with and all the other things that come with human communication.

To all the men out there who are concerned about women having huge dildos
or super powerful vibrators: STOP WORRYING.

You can still use vibrators while having sex,
maybe get a vibrating penis ring and double the pleasure?

And the dildos just aren't that much fun to begin with. Size does matter,
but there are many things that we prefer over a huge dong!

When I think about the future and what kind of kinky, super awesome toys or
wonderful apps and gadgets it may hold for us, I'm more excited than scared.

Sure, a super realistic sex simulator might be addicting to some, but there
will never be the feeling of success, conquest or love with them.

Maybe it will prevent some people from cheating and finally couples with different
sexual appetites will be happier and more content. I doubt it will ever throw
aside the need for love, affection or even the tingling feeling when you're
flirting with someone and getting a response.

Let's embrace toys as a part of our sex lives, use them together with our partners
too and show them, that there really isn't anything to be jealous about.

Let's play together!

PS. Any last questions for my Q & A that's coming out later next week?

©  Anonymous92126

What is the music of life?

"Silence, my brother."

How long has it been since my last post to you, my dear readers?
WAY TOO LONG. I miss you guys.

The reason for my vacation is a valid one,
I got my new Fapmachine!

It's an Asus G750 JM. ♥
I love

So now that I have my new plaything, how have I been spending my precious time?
Take a wild guess...

Correct. 10 points for Gryffindor!

If you guessed GAMING, that is. I feel like such a geek.
But who the fuck cares! As long as I'm happy, right?

Well, my dad cares. We've had plenty of fights about games
and how much time I spend on them. Not to mention the money.

It's been resolved though. A hundred times or so.

While I was taking a break from blogging, I got an interesting
request for a topic: A sequel to my post Don't toy with me.

The topic was requested by JackSmile, just like the original post.
I think the comment was very interesting [you can find it HERE
and obviously I'm gonna satisfy my dear readers. No doubt about it.

It's about 6 am now and it's time for me to see sexy dreams,
so I will publish the sequel later today.

Adios! ☺

PS.   The Q&A video I promised on Twitter will be posted next week.
PPS. Have any topic requests? 
         And do you recognize where the question of the headline is from?

©  Anonymous92126

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hot as hell


It's finally here: SUMMER!

In my country we have a long and a very cold winter,
but also a very hot summer, however short it may be.

There are some things that heat brings with it,
that just seem to always be included in the package.
Some are amazing things, some a little less so.

Summer is and always will be my favorite season
and I will tell you why.

First of all,
it's WARM and SUNNY.

No more HUGE winter coats and lots of layers,
that still don't help that much to be honest.
Winter doesn't agree with me, since I'm always cold no matter what I wear.

Instead I get to wear dresses and skirts and show a little skin.
I love the way the sun light embraces me and just feels like it's covering me with loving kisses.

I also don't mind terribly seeing guys with their shirts off.

Of course there is also a downside to all the skin that's showing.
In summer my sexuality is heightened. I'm sure this happens to a lot of people.

Everyone just seems to be happier, more outgoing and flirtatious.

And summer definitely brings the worst out in me on that front.
Sexual frustration sometimes leads to bad decisions.

Then there's the fact that you can drink outside and you don't
have to plan your every move based on if you will freeze to death outside or not.

You can just grab a few cold ones and go to the beach to enjoy the sun and the people.
It's fucking great.

But drinking and the fact that you're super horny all the time,
while being surrounded with people equally horny... and drunk?
Not too easy trying to keep your standards up
when you just want to dry hump every tanned, amazing body you see.

Heat brings on the HEAT.

Then if you already didn't know,
I have a thing for muscle cars, classic cars.. THE HOT RODS.
And when summer comes, the cars come out of hibernation and hit the streets.
Great, one more thing about summer to make me feel super sexual and excited.

Now I don't only want to ride every good looking guy that comes
along, but their cars as well!!!

Could picking me up have been made any easier?

Thank god there are some things that do slow me down a bit.
Like MOSQUITOES (and other bugs).

First they eat you alive, it hurts for a bit and starts to itch.
Then after you've scratched your legs to the point where you
don't want to show yourself in public anymore, they eat your arms too.
I hate bugs!

Then there is the fact that no matter what I do,
my apartment gathers a lot of heat during the morning to last all day long.

It wouldn't bother me that much,
but I have a dog and I just can't leave him alone in there.

And there aren't many places where I can bring him with.
So it's a bit of a bummer.

It's a good think I love him to death or otherwise I might get a little annoyed with all the arrangements I have to make.

But it's still awesome to be spending time outside with him,
taking long walks is much nicer during summer than it is in winter!

Now I think I will go take a long, cooling bath
and go enjoy the sun after I feel freshened up!

Maybe it will cool down my mind as well...

Now go put on your bikini, your shorts or whatever you feel like wearing,
show a little skin, meet up with your friends and be promiscuous all you want..

© Anonymous92126

An odd thing

Hello peepers!

So I had a very interesting start to my week.
I was drinking with my buddies. Not a lot,
but like a few beers, hanging out & singing karaoke.

You know, the basic stuff you do at a bar.

When it was time to leave I took my bike
and was FINE for the time being.

But then something happened, I fucked up
and ended up in the ditch with the skin on my fingers FUCKING PEELED OFF.
I can tell you right now, that shit hurts.

Other than that I also bumped my head,
my left shoulder, both of my thighs, my right knee
and my jaw has a nasty wound and bruising on it too.

So OFC I look god damn sexy right now with all these bandages,
bruises and my eyes all wild from the very strong painkillers.

But I'm alive and this will not get in the way
of me blogging for you guys! ☺ ♥

So here I am, continuing the 10-day challenge.

So there are A LOT of weird things I do almost on a daily basis
and I'm only allowed to list 3. This is gonna be hard.

1. Teaching my dog English

So I don't know how WEIRD this is,
but I don't think it's normal to talk to your pet in a foreign language.
But I do it anyway.

I don't know if he can understand me, but since I think in English it feels very natural for me.
And who knows, maybe my dog is bilingual by now!

2. Being a mermaid 

Again, not too sure of what stage of FREAKY this is,
but I take my laptop with me to the bath.

I usually make a nice strong structure with something over the sink,
then put my lappy on it and just watch a movie while I bathe.

And it might be a long ass movie too.
Then I end up being in the water for like 2 hours straight.

Eventually the water will cool down and I will have to empty the
tub a little bit so I can refill it with warm water.

Sometimes I even make a little picnic out of my time in the bath
and bring snacks. Like tea and a bite to eat.

When I finally get out I look like a fucking raisin.

3. Using my coffee maker to brew tea

So this I do all day - every day!
Since I am hugely addicted to tea.

So instead of using like a GAZILLION tea bags per day,
I only use a few.

And how I manage to do that is with my coffee maker.
I put the tea bag in the pot and max out the water and TADDAAH!

9 fucking cups of tea.
With just 1 bag.

But I get weird looks from my guests every time I do it.

Okay so there we go.
I'm sure some of the weird things that I do might have been more
interesting, but these are the ones I do basically every day.

If you want to find out more, just send me more questions for my
upcoming Q&A!

Also comment below and tell me what weird stuff you do often
and maybe I won't feel so awkward about this.

PS. So I know I promised you guys something EXTRA SPECIAL
when we hit 1000 views and it's almost time to reveal what it will be.
Stay tuned this weekend to find out!

© Anonymous92126

Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't toy with me


So I got a request a while back to do a list of
the most bizarre sex toys I have seen on the internet.

Thanks JackSmile for this awesome challenge!

And trust me, I have seen plenty!

Toys are awesome.
But some are just too over the top even for my taste.

I went back to explore some of the sites where I've seen
the creepiest of play things ever created.


No 1.  Silicon Helmut the German Sheppard

Ever wondered what it would be like to have sex
with a male... wait for it...

DOG?  More specifically a German Sheppard.

I hope the answer is a big fat NO.
Good. Me either.

This is just wrong.
I mean, of course it's BETTER than actually doing it with a dog,
but it's still sick as fuck.


No 2. Artificial Hymen

So there seems to be a way to restore your virginity! promises that with their product you can:


They also promise a free immediate delivery all over the world.

Seems legit.

And gross.
Fake blood in your v-jayjay - CREEPY.
OR appealing?

No 3. Realistic sex dolls.

Ever wanted to have sex to a small, silicone, anime character?

It's possible!
And expensive.

So if you're rich and extremely disturbed,
you go on ahead.

Just try not to forget real human contact.
Because the only thing creepier than a guy playing with dolls,
is a guy pretending that the doll is real and dragging it around.

that's the whole point of it!

Just trust me on this one.

No 4. The Tentacle

Okay... so who wouldn't like to be raped by a giant tentacle-monster?

Say AYE!

I'm kind of torn about this one.
When I think about The Tentacle in use, it creeps me out,
but I find the idea of it funny and cool.

But don't think for a second that I would ever put it to use.
It looks incredibly uncomfortable.

No 5. Bruce the Shark

Following up in the footsteps of the previous monstrosity
is Bruce the Shark.

I've seen Jaws, but not once did I pause it to wonder
if the great white had multiple penises.

Definitely news to me.
This one too looks unusable in my eyes,
I just don't know how that would ever slide in.

No 6.  Hotdoll

Okay so dogs are said to be man's best friends.
I would second that opinion.

As a dog person I think this would be the perfect end
to the list of the most bizarre sex toys I have ever seen.

Not all sex toys are for people.
This one is a legitimate sex toy for canine use.

A poochie pounding doll...
It looks weird as fuck.

But I guess it might help some of the hyper active dogs out there...
Might not be the best ice breaker when you have guests over though.

" What's  that? "
" Uhm..  I  uhm..  It's  an..  uhm.. "

Yeah. Awkward.

So there we have it, 6 of the most bizarre sex toys I've ever come across the internet.
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PS. What was your favorite creepy-sex toy?
Comment below! And if you have seen something even MORE BIZARRE
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Friday, May 30, 2014

Spark of spirituality

Hi guys!

So in today's post I really want to talk about
religion and all it stands for.

I can see how I do not necessarily come of as
a very religious person - and it's sort of true.

I did get a somewhat religious upbringing,
no cussing, some praying etc.
But nothing was ever forced on me and I got to have my own
thoughts about things.

We never really went to church as I was growing up,
except for weddings and funerals obviously.

So that world is completely unknown to me.
I also prefer it stays that way.

So I decided it was time to do some soul searching
because I'm thinking of resigning from the church.

I think the best way to explore this subject is to list some ideals
that the church represents and enforces onto people.
So I will write down my thoughts and reflect on them.

PIERCINGS (and the list just goes on and on)..

I think this is one of the biggest reasons
that I'm so against the church.

IF GOD were to love everyone equally,
then he would not discriminate or judge so harsly based on
things we do that are not harmful to others.

It's no secret that I have had sex out of marriage
and love masturbating.

To me SEX can optimally be a very spiritual experience.
So.. I should repent, make a purity promise OR go to hell?

Sorry. But no thanks.
I don't think there is anything impure about sex.
And by enforcing these ideals on your children,
you will eventually produce mentally unstable adults,
that are going to have problems with intimacy and
the sex that belongs in a healthy relationship - in and outside of marriage.

I also have a piercing.
And while I do consider my body to be my temple,
I don't see how that could ever be degrading me in any way.

I have great self value,
sex and the way I appear do not lower it.


The bible says, that you always have to respect your parents
and do as you are told.

The same will apply after the father gives away his daughter
to the husband, the female obeys the male.

That is just ridiculous.
OF COURSE you should value your family, but respect should
always be earned.

Loving someone an RESPECTING them and their authority,
are two very different things.

I for one love my parents very much.
They are a big part of my life, but I do not
agree with all of their beliefs and ideals.

They have had to earn my respect by acting
with a mutual respect for my thoughts and feelings.

They do not agree with all of my choices in life,
but they have accepted me for who I am.

IF I were some day to get married (DOUBT IT)
I would get married only to a person that I already respect,
and they would have to keep acting in a way that will not
diminish it, or it will be gone.

I also would not feel any need to OBEY my husband.
A healthy relationship works with mutual communication and trust.

Decisions are made as a couple, if they affect both lives.


I think in the bible somewhere it says not to judge,
because that's what God is for. Not man.

And that there are no people without sin.

But then the people that are the most judgemental are
mainly religious. What a surprise.

They judge people based on what they're wearing,
how they talk, what their sexual orientation is,
what their background is, what kind of people they are friends with
and even on how they eat or what they drink.

Insane. Stop being SO DAMN up in MY BUSINESS.
And stop acting like you're above everyone else.

That annoys the shit out of me.


This is it's own chapter.
What is so bad about wearing a skimpy outfit or seeing
other human beings NAKED.

As I recall, Adam & Eve were butt naked all the time.
There is something pure about a person accepting their body
as it is and also the bodies of others.

Some people even find spiritual uplift in being nude.


People should be able to believe in whatever the fuck they want.
Faith should come from inside, not from peer pressure.

I was taught to accept people and their beliefs.
But people have been killing each other,
going to war and forcefully converting each other for centuries.
I think it's okay to let people know what your beliefs are and not take part in some activities
that are against your faith. But that does not mean that you can be mean, discriminate, hurt,
kill, extort or in any other NEGATIVE way try to get them to accept your way of living.

Okay. So now we've covered A LOT of the points that
bother me about religion.

And I can safely say I do not believe in any god
that would be so judgemental that they'd send people
down in a flaming pit for an eternity for such little things.

And I do not want all the negativity that religion seems to
include in the package.

I still have some beliefs of my own,
that I do cherish and that I feel guide me through this life.

I am a spiritual person.

I believe that humans and other living creatures
have an energy or a soul, whatever you wish to call it,
that remains even after we part from our physical form.

Were it to happen in a dream, or after death.

I also have a moral compass that shows me the way.
I do not like cruelty, violence without any purpose,
pretentiousness or any of that crap that causes unnecessary pain to other people.

I believe that with a little bit of love and compassion
for others, we can make a huge difference.

Just be comfortable in your own skin, show that amazing smile,
and accept yourself and other people as they are.

That way you will form good and strong friendships
that will last you a lifetime.

And once you're done with your days here,
you will have created something pure and beautiful through all
the people that you have touched with your presence in their lives.

Do what gives YOU joy,
were it going to church every day,
partying with your friends,
sharing your bed with a lover or two,
dancing naked in the moonlight

Enjoy life.

PS. Okay so I know we dipped deep
into a somewhat serious subject.
Some people are probably gonna hate me.
I can deal with that.
Some might agree. That's good too.

But now you know a little more about me
and can maybe relate more to what I write about.

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and also check out my Tumblr page. ☺

Lots of love
© Anonymous92126

Hacked! OMG!


So I have been kind of missing out on all the blogging
I've wanted to be doing because my e-mail account I use to manage the blog
got hacked and I needed to make sure it wouldn't happen again.

Everything seems to be working fine now and has been for a while,
so I think it's safe to get back into it.

YAY FOR THAT!!! ☺ Super happy.

As I promised, you will get something special in return,
and I will make a small Q&A, so post any questions you have
below in the comments section and I will answer them.

And something even more special is yet to come!
So stay tuned!

I will now continue with the challenge that was left
unfinished. Keep sending them if you want to see more.


1. Music

   brings such joy into my life.
   Through music you can channel and experience your
   own feelings in a way that you couldn't do otherwise.
   It can take you away from your problems and despair,
   or help you deal. It's also one of the greatest forms of art and inspires people.

2. Friendship

   with the people I hold dear is my rock.
   It's comforting to know that there are people that genuinely care and will be there for me.

3. The internet

   as sad as it is, is something I find very valuable
   in means of connecting with the world around me.
   There are people that I wouldn't even know without it
   and if I were to be completely cut of for a longer
   period of time, would not be able to stay in contact with.
   A big part of my life would be eliminated and I would be totally crushed and lost.

4. My phone

   is definitely something I need to always be able to  
   contact my family and some of my friends.
   My family isn't big on the whole social media thing, so if anything were
   to happen to me or to them,
   that would be the only form of immediate contact.

So there we have it! 4 things I could NOT live without,
in the world that we live in now and that I have access to.

Stay tuned for my next article coming out later today
about a very exciting topic of spiritualism and religion,
as I share my views and beliefs. This should be interesting.

PS. Remember to comment below if you have any questions for
my Q&A and I promise to answer each and every one of them.

AND remember to protect your accounts online!

You can also approach me on Twitter!

Lots of love  © Anonymous92126

Monday, April 14, 2014

1st Challenge - DAY 6

This one is a pain in the ass. So many memories to choose from!
But still, it's gotta be done.

A walk through memory lane.

1. When I was about 5 years old, I was walking our dog, Remu.
    He was usually a perfect gentleman, but that day he saw something fun
    and started to run all of a sudden, so I fell and both of my legs grinded against the ground.
    They were bleeding from my knees to my ankles and I was crying a lot
    while my mom and my dad bandaged me up. It had been raining a little that day
    and then the Sun came out and brought a very bright double rainbow with it.
    I finally stopped crying, so we all drove to the city to go get some ice cream.
    Even though I remember it being painful it's a really happy memory and I will cherish it forever.

2. At this point I was already in school, maybe in the first or second grade.
    In Finland we start school at the age of 7, so I must have been about 7-8.
    All my neighbours were boys and I was over at my best friends house,
    that was just at the end of the road. We were playing cops and robbers.
    I was tying to save one of the robbers from jail and was running towards
    him, but the police noticed me and I had to get to a safe spot, which was a tree
    in the middle of their yard. I ran and just got there in time and leaned my back against it
    to catch my breath and rest after the run. The tree was filled with ants.
    There were thousands of them on it and after just a few seconds there was
    hundreds of them crawling inside my shirt and on it! Ants bite, you know.
    So I started screaming and running around and finally when nothing helped I
    started to run home and just took my shirt off. And I had nothing under it.
    Topless and humiliated in front of my friends I ran home and cried like the little girl that I was.
    It was horrible then because I was so embarrassed, but now I find horror in the ants.
    I'm not big on bugs. I even hate butterflies.
    And while spiders are the absolute worst, I'm not a fan of ants either.

3. One of the best memories of my life is when I met my current best friend.
    She transferred to my school at 6th grade and every girl in the class was
    so critical about what she was wearing and how she didn't seem to give a fuck    
    about what they had to say about her. I liked her instantly.
    After the day was over we sat down together at the stairs of the school and
    while I waited for my mom to come pick me up we started talking.
    The conversation started with her asking me: "Do you like dogs?"
    You all should already know the answer to this one, and with it we instantly bonded.
    My mom offered her a ride home, because we found out she lived close.
    After that moment we spent almost every day together with out dogs, just running in the woods.
    Because back then kids used to actually go outside and not spend all
    their time inside playing video games. Ah, the good old days.

4. This is one of the funniest memories I have and it takes place when I was 16.
     My two cousins and me took a trip to my family's cottage.
     Obviously there was some drinking, playing cards, music and marshmallows!
     The night was epic and I still have the pictures to prove it.
     I think they will explain it better than I ever could. So here's a few of my favorite ones:

Using my cousin to keep my balance while nomming the absolute fuck out of a marshmallow.

We don't really have a clear memory of what was going on when this picture was taken.
I think I might secretly be a ninja.

I think we finally lost our balance.
She seems to be enjoying being on top.

5. The ultimate happiest memory of my life is when my dog Maxim was born.
    The litter of 9 was born 10.04.2011. And I was right there helping deliver the pups into this world.
    When I first saw Maxim I just knew that he was going to be the most important thing in my life.

So that was it for the 6th day! And I will see you all back here tomorrow for day seven.
I hope you enjoyed it and I wish you'd share some of your epic moments with me in the comments below!

© Anonymous92126

Sunday, April 13, 2014

1st Challenge - DAY 5

These are the 6 songs I love the most right now. Click the titles to listen to them on YouTube.
They're not in any particular order. They're all AMAZING songs from GREAT bands and artists.

John Legend - All of Me
His voice is just so perfect and the song is really good. He's an amazing artist.
When I first found this song I listened to it on repeat for hours.

Ed Sheeran - I See Fire from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
This song is PURE PERFECTION. As is Sheeran's voice.
This song makes me cry, because I feel like everything that is good about
The LOTR and The Hobbit movies is just fused into this one song.
It's filled with so much emotion,  even my mom almost cried when listening to this song
and she doesn't even understand the language.

Tom Waits - Alice
I just love the picture this song paints into my mind, and that Tom colours with his voice.
This song is amazing and is sure to stay on my top 5 list for forever and ever.

Foo Fighters - I Should Have Known
Dave's voice is just so awesome. The music is amazing. And REAL.
This song is from the album Wasting Light that was recorded at Dave's house.
It sounds so good! And this song is obviously about his feelings about Kurt Cobain.

A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera - Say Something
This is such a beautiful song. And so sad.
People can relate to the lyrics in so many ways and the duetto sounds flawless.
This song always makes me sob like a little girl.

Queen - The Show Must Go On
I think me trying to explain why I love this song wouldn't do it any justice.
It doesn't require an explanation.

Comment if you love/hate any of these songs
and if you have a band or an artist in mind, that you think I would like,
link it below and I will check them out!

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Exclusivity remains

So I decided to start blogging in Tumbrl as well.
Because I really like to use it and I enjoy the way the community works.

Don't worry, I will still keep posting here, the same as always.
But from here on out both Twitter and Tumblr will have some extra content!

That's not all though, I will still keep the challenge posts right here in Blogger,
so this page too will get to keep some of it's exclusivity.

The page turned out great and it will definitely get my articles more views,
so it's only a good thing.

Go check it out  here  and tell me what you think!
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

1st Challenge - DAY 4

                                        My 7 sins are probably all the deadly sins.

Pride • I am proud every now and then, about the things that i'm good at,
              or my friends, family.. my dog. Okay so I definitely am a very proud person.

Envy • I sometimes envy people that post food-pics on Facebook etc.
              I get hungry when I look at food.

Gluttony • I can definitely reach gluttony with food and tv shows.
                       I can eat all the time and when I start watching a show there is no stopping it!

Lust • I don't really see this as a sin, but if it is then we should all just admit lusting after things.

Anger • When I see people abusing animals I go NINJA-PIRATE-BERSERKER
                on their ass, or on the nearest object that I can punch.. or cry against/yell at.

Greed • Again, food. I can't have enough of it. I think I might be addicted.. I can't live without food.

Sloth • Oh, I am just super lazy. And I love sleeping. During the winter I nap.. then nap some more..                              And when I wake up and after my dog forces me to go for a walk.. I nap some more.
               I usually use all my clean dishes ( and then something else, like baking paper as plates...)
               until I finally have no choice but to wash them.

So these are my 7 DEADLY sins.
Can you identify any of them in yourself? Comment below!
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suggest topics, find exclusive material and see what I'm interested in.
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Bro or No?

Hi guys, how's it hanging?

So lately I've been doing some research
on how to know if a guy is into you or not.

Besides the obvious stalking and  Hey  I'm  totally  into  you
how do we know?

Guys always say us females are so damn complicated,
but I think it goes both ways.

To us girls you guys are these very mysterious creatures
and there is so much that we just don't understand.

Like for an example:

I have loads of guy friends. I'm just more comfortable around them,
because I don't have to hold my tongue and pretend that I'm not a sick twisted fuck. Because I am.
And you seem to be down with that.
Guys also really love food. Like, a lot. Not more than me though.

So I hang out with my friends pretty often.
I just randomly invite people over to watch a movie and eat.
Then listen to some music and explore the fascinating world of YouTube.

BUT I have heard this following statement plenty of times and I just don't know
what to think anymore, because it would totally screw things up for me.

So, I have been told by several people, guys mostly,
that if a guy goes alone to a girls house to watch a movie and hangout, he's into her.
Like, there is NO doubt about it.

They're saying that guys will always hangout with guys, if they have to choose between friends.
Bros before hoes. And that if a guy comes over to watch  movie with me, they probably wanna fuck me.


This would mean 80% of my friends wanna get down and dirty with me.
I don't know if I'm fine with that. See, I would like to think that I'm just fun.
Good company. Entertaining. I would like to think I can be just one of the guys.

And sure, sometimes they make a move. But that's pretty rare.
Mostly we just chill and they leave and say good night.

When I'm with these people I can let my guard down and be who I am.
But what are they actually thinking? Are they just there to get some?

This has really become a problem for me.
And just to clear things up a bit, I would like to add,
that I'm only talking about my single male friends that I know to be straight.

I have a lot of guy friends that are in a relationship and for them it just must be nice
to be around a girl you can share some of your relationship stuff with and maybe
get some advise on women. Or do guys rather do that with guys too?


Can't it just be platonic?

Guys I really need you to come clean and share your point of view.
If you're single and you go to a girls house to catch a movie
and maybe eat some junk food, listen to music or whateverthefuckyoudo,
do you always think it might lead to something more than just a chillout-session?
Help a girl out and tell me what your thoughts are on this subject!
And girls, give a shout in the comment box below if you too find guys very complicated.

PS. We're finally over 800 cherries popped!!!
      Thank you everyone, this is so great!

Comment below.
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Friday, April 11, 2014

1st Challenge - DAY 3

1. Spiders
    There is nothing in this world I hate more than spiders.
    Sure it would be good to say WAR or someshit, but this is the truth.

2. Movies about spiders
    They just freak me out. I can't deal with spiders.

3. Needles
    It's something about losing control when someone sticks a FATSHARPNEEDLE in you.
    If they snap they can shove it as deep as they want. Like.. into the bone.

4. Gin
     Tastes so bad. Instant gag reflex.

5. Doing the dishes
    I hate getting gooey stuff on my fingers..
    And I hate wearing rubber gloves, because then my hands smell like puke after.

6. Commercials
    They take sooooo long. That's why I don't have a TV. I just watch everything online.

7. Snow
    It's cold and wet and it just makes me uncomfortable.

    And when it snows really heavily that shit gets all over my glasses and I can't see a fucking thing.

8. Rain
    It's cold and wet.. and it messes with my hair. Bitch.

Okay guys, comment below and tell me what things you hate the most!
This was day 3/10 so there's still more to come, stay tuned!

© Anonymous92126

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Love is in the air

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1st Challenge - DAY 2

1. Food!
    Because.. food. I'm always hungry. Seriously. I could eat all day long.

2. Sex!
    I don't think I need to give you any reasons. Orgasms.

3. Music!
    If you're in a shitty mood, just listen to a happy song! It'll all be okay.

4. Movies!
    Because it's nice into go to a whole other world and experience a romance or a world ending,
    without actually having to be there.

5. Potato chips!
    Sour Cream & (add something good) all the way. So addicting.

6. Gaming!
    With a PC of course. Finally I can be the kind of a warrior I've always wanted to be and do all this
    stuff in a fantasy world filled with dragons and shit. Fuck yeah.

7. Watching disturbing videos on YouTube!
    Classics like Salad Fingers, Happy Tree Friends, Rejected, Little Baby's Ice Cream
    and Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. Creepy but fun.

8. Junk food!
    Junk food is good any day, but you should only eat it every once in a while.
    NOT because it's not unhealthy, but because you get used to it and it won't be SO GOOD anymore.

9. Chocolate!
    I have lady parts and a lady needs chocolate.

I don't like any of these things better than the others, the order just depends on the day.
If you haven't seen some of these videos, check out the links on part 7.
Cya tomorrow with DAY 3!

© Anonymous92126

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Love letter

                                         Remember to suggest new topics and send me new challenges!
                                                   I will try to make every single one of them happen.

                                                          This blog wouldn't exist without you guys. ♥
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                                                                                         THANK YOU!

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1st Challenge - DAY 1

My dear readers, thank you for sending me a couple of challenges over the past weeks!
I've decided to start the first one tonight.
As you can see, the challenge looks much nicer in sexclusive-colours and with some boobage.
We can finally have some sexy visuals. Hope you like 'em!

So lets see, 10 facts about myself? Oh boy.

1. I laugh VERY loudly. Some people love it and others absolutely hate it.
    It's something I can't control, no matter how hard I try.
2. English isn't my first language. Shocking, I know.
3. I use my coffee maker for tea. I can easily drink like 10-15 cups of tea per day.
4. I'm a gamer. Seriously. Go ahead, ask me what I play.
5. I love poetry! I write and read it often. I'm even thinking about getting them published.
6. I have a dog, his name is Maxim. I've had him since he was born. ♥
7. I'm a smoker.
8. My zodiac sign is Gemini. For those to whom it matters.
9. I don't have a penis.
10. I've been offered a career in porn, but I declined.

I hope you found some of these 10 facts interesting, but there is a good chance that you didn't,
so if you have any questions for me, just comment on any of these challenge posts
and I promise to answer them at the chall-ending post 9 days from now!

© Anonymous92126

Monday, April 7, 2014

Dating 101

Lets be honest, dating is messy.
It's AWKWARD and filled with false pretenses.
People trying to make themselves desirable and
others fighting to be themselves and being let down over and over again.

When you add certain different expectations and rules about dating,
how are we ever supposed to make it happen?

Don't get me wrong, people don't always want to fall in love.
Dating can be fun and casual. In the best way.
You might even make good and lasting friendships out of dates gone wrong.
But don't we all wish to find someone to share our lives with? Eventually.

I love being single. Free.
After being in a long relationship, that's all you want.
To re-invent yourself and find new things.

But there's always this little hint of loneliness
after you watch a late night movie and go to bed alone.
I don't know about you, but I can't seem to shake it off.
And I'm definitely not a relationship person.
Right now I'm not even looking around to see if there's anyone out there for me.
But I do have that itch to be noticed by someone - to really be seen.

And I have a secret to share. I've never really been on a date.
Like, what I'd count as a DATE.
Sure I've had coffee, even a bite to eat.
And randomly invited people over for a chill-sesh and watched plenty of movies.
When does it become a date though? I have no clue.

And then there's the things you expect from a date,
that might not match what the other person has in mind.
Like, should people have sex on the first date?
OR will it just screw up the whole dating aspect of the relationship?
Can a lunch count as a date OR does it have to be dinner?

How the fuck are we supposed to know what to think?
Are we just gonna have to be more clear when we ask people out?

"Hey wanna go see a movie sometime? Oh, and it would be a DATE."
As if asking people out wouldn't be uncomfortable enough already.

I decided it's time to ask the audience what they think about this.
And see if gender makes any difference.
I asked people to answer 7 profound questions about dating.
Also, I simplified the answers a bit and fused together the similar ones.

Describe the perfect first date?

• A nice dinner, but in an imaginative setting, something that makes it unique.
• Not awkward? Maybe doing something together, that either one hasn't done yet.
• The man should pick me up and take me for a surprise date. There should always be food. 
• Having dinner and going for drinks after, then maybe a nice walk before heading home.

• Just walking around the city, maybe a park, looking at things and talking without a hurry.
• Going to a quiet place where you can relax,
   maybe opening a nice bottle of wine and putting on some music.
   Then just talking and getting to know each other without distractions.
• Tandem-parachuting or something else that's not so mainstream.
• I like traditional dates, candle light dinners and such.

Who pays for the date?

• I think people should split the bill.
• The one who asks the other out, should pay the bill.

• People should discuss it before the date takes place to avoid any confusion.
• 50/50 unless the other person forgets their wallet or something,
• The man always pays. Unless it's the woman who asked the guy out,
   then you can split the bill. A man always wants to pay for their own share.

What time would you like the date to start and does the day of the week matter?

• From Thu-Sun and late afternoon or evening.
  The beginning of the week is always too stressful for a date.
• During the week dates should start earlier
   but during the weekends they can start as late as 10 pm.
• Six-ish? And preferably during the weekend.

• During the week dates should start at 3-4 pm and during the weekend at about 6 pm. 
• The timing doesn't really matter to me, but it would be good to have the next day off
   so you can enjoy the evening without thinking about the next day
   or worry where you're going to wake up.
• Day of the week doesn't matter and 5-6 pm would be optimal.

How soon after a break-up it is civil to start dating?

• Break-ups take time, so I would wait at least a couple of weeks to get back on the saddle.
• Longer relationships take more time to forget than short ones, even months.
• You should discuss it with your ex and mutual friends if you have doubts.

• I think this varies for everyone, there is no rule to follow here.
• No permission is needed after the break-up.
   I evaluate the situation based on how long the relationship was and was the breakup hard.
  You shouldn't rub their nose in it for a while after things end badly.
• After a long relationship you should learn to be alone first.
• Right away.

Would you have sex on the first date 

and would it affect the possibility of a second date?

• I wouldn't have sex on a good first date, it might screw things up.
• I wouldn't have sex on the first date, I want to get to know the person first.
• If the chemistry was there and the sex was good,
   it wouldn't affect the possibility of a second date.
   But if the sex was bad, I might not go on a second date with him.

• I wouldn't mind it. And if you want to make sure you see them again,
   you can always leave something behind.
• I don't limit myself with boundaries made from thin air
   and if I like the girl, there is always a chance for a second date, with or without sex.
   But if the sex was good, it would make me more eager to see them again.
• I might, if the sexual tension was really strong, if not, I would wait until I knew her better.
   Sex if usually a little awkward at first
   and will get better with time and when you know what the other person is like.
   It wouldn't affect the possibility of another date.
• Only if I had known her for a longer period of time already.

Can people express their lack of interest for a second date during the first one?

• There's no need to say anything.
• You can hint it, but I wouldn't want anyone to say it straight to my face,
   especially if I would have had a good time.
• Yes, you can be honest about your feelings, but I wouldn't end a date prematurely.
   You should also try be polite.

• After the date it's good to be honest about your feelings,
   but I think you should always see the date through.
• YES. Giving people false hope is cowardly.
   I'm honest about my feelings and I'd like people to extend the courtesy.
• Yes, but people should always be considerate of the other persons feelings.

What would be the worst location for a first date?

• Church.
• Any occasion that has either person's family members there.
 Sport events.
 A movie theater.

• A funeral.
 Any place that doesn't have date-potential. It should be romantic.
• An expensive and fancy restaurant filled with people competing for money and fame.
   The date just can't go well if people have to have a certain role on from the beginning. 
• A bar or a movie theater.

That was it for the Q&A part of this post.
I think it's interesting that men had more variety than women!
But there was nothing too surprising in the answers.
Here's some conclusions that I made while listening to what these people had to say
and reading their answers:

1.  People mostly expect the first date to be inventive.
     They want the other person to put time in planning the event.
     Almost everyone seems to be bored of the basic "movie and dinner" setting.

2.  Women are surprisingly willing to pay for the whole date,
     if it was them who asked the guy out.
     Men would like to either split the bill or pay for the whole thing,
     maybe it's emasculating to let the woman pay?

3.  Some people are too busy during the week,
     but during the weekend the perfect time to start a date would be 5-6 pm.
     People want their dates to take time to get to know them.

4.  People that come out of long relationships are expected to take some time off,
     but if you only dated for a couple of weeks, feel free to jump right back in there!

5.  Most women wouldn't have sex on the first date.
     But the ones, that are willing to do the deed and dirty the sheets,
     say that the performance will have an effect, bad sex can put a woman off for good.
     Men are more forgiving and also more willing to have sex on the first date.
     I can't say I'm surprised.

6.  Most women wouldn't want to say anything or know if the date was a complete bust.
     Men on the other hand are very eager to share their feelings.
     Usually it's the complete opposite,
     so maybe this has something to do with clingy-psycho-ex-girlfriends?

7.  A first date should never take place in: a sports bar, a club, a funeral
     or any other kind of church activity, your mother's house or a movie theater.

And while there is no denying that we're all individuals with different needs, we should now be able to avoid some first date mistakes, plan a perfect date that starts at approximately 5:30 pm and split the bill without a fuss.

Now go out there and have a good time!
Let me know if you found anything surprising
and share your own thoughts about dating in the comments section below.

© Anonymous92126

Monday, March 31, 2014

For show

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

♥ PORN #2

The first part has so far been the most read post on my blog.
And it's time for the sequel!

Porn is AWESOME.
And to prove my point I will list some funny and interesting facts about porn,
that have caught my attention in the past.

This TOP 10 list is to celebrate everyone coming out of the closet
with their porn collections and also maybe change some views
that people, who don't watch porn have.

So without further due:

No 1.

Women don't discriminate.
It's proven that straight men get turned on by hot women
and gay men by hot men etc.
But all women seem to get turned on by all varieties:
Gay porn, straight porn, lesbian porn, tranny porn. We ♥ PORN!

I would agree. I watch a bit of everything.
Depending on what I'm in the mood for.

No 2.

Every second of the day more than 30 million people watch porn.
Isn't it good to know we're not alone?

No 3.

Every guy watches porn.
The University of Montreal tried to study differences
between men in their 20's who watch porn compared to those who didn't.
They couldn't find a single guy that didn't do it.

No surprise there.

No 4.

What part of the body do men concentrate on when watching porn?

a) the boobs
b) the ass
c) both of the above
d) the penetration
e) the face ?

Men you already should know the answer to this,
but some of the ladies might not. So here we go: It's the face. Bam.

No 5.

Aww that sweet Jackie Chan..
Did you know he broke into the film business by doing dirty movies?
The films included a little bit of fighting and a lot of the other f-activity!

No 6.

Want to be a male porn star? Might want to reconsider...
A good deal of male porn performers use Caverject, a drug that they inject straight into their dick to keep a boner during long shoots.
No pain no gain.

The same can also be said about the next one.

No 7.

The average pay for a male porn star is 500-600$.
Gay films pay three times that amount.

Hence the term, gay for pay.
PS. Women also get paid more for lesbian shoots.

No 8.

The most common cup size for female porn stars is B.

I like smaller breasts better and I don't like fake tits.
But this is something I haven't noticed.
Maybe it's just the films I watch... I don't know.
Oh wait, maybe I just need to do more research! Brb.

No 9.

Women who aren't on the pill spend more time looking at the genitals when watching porn.
While women that use hormonal birth control gaze on other things, like, are the sheets clean.

No 10.

About 20% of men admit to watching porn at the office.
And while I'm all for no  work  and  all  play,  you should know that
porn affects your short term memory, so pick your fap-moment carefully.

Share your facts with me in the comments below!
© Anonymous92126