Friday, May 30, 2014

Spark of spirituality

Hi guys!

So in today's post I really want to talk about
religion and all it stands for.

I can see how I do not necessarily come of as
a very religious person - and it's sort of true.

I did get a somewhat religious upbringing,
no cussing, some praying etc.
But nothing was ever forced on me and I got to have my own
thoughts about things.

We never really went to church as I was growing up,
except for weddings and funerals obviously.

So that world is completely unknown to me.
I also prefer it stays that way.

So I decided it was time to do some soul searching
because I'm thinking of resigning from the church.

I think the best way to explore this subject is to list some ideals
that the church represents and enforces onto people.
So I will write down my thoughts and reflect on them.

PIERCINGS (and the list just goes on and on)..

I think this is one of the biggest reasons
that I'm so against the church.

IF GOD were to love everyone equally,
then he would not discriminate or judge so harsly based on
things we do that are not harmful to others.

It's no secret that I have had sex out of marriage
and love masturbating.

To me SEX can optimally be a very spiritual experience.
So.. I should repent, make a purity promise OR go to hell?

Sorry. But no thanks.
I don't think there is anything impure about sex.
And by enforcing these ideals on your children,
you will eventually produce mentally unstable adults,
that are going to have problems with intimacy and
the sex that belongs in a healthy relationship - in and outside of marriage.

I also have a piercing.
And while I do consider my body to be my temple,
I don't see how that could ever be degrading me in any way.

I have great self value,
sex and the way I appear do not lower it.


The bible says, that you always have to respect your parents
and do as you are told.

The same will apply after the father gives away his daughter
to the husband, the female obeys the male.

That is just ridiculous.
OF COURSE you should value your family, but respect should
always be earned.

Loving someone an RESPECTING them and their authority,
are two very different things.

I for one love my parents very much.
They are a big part of my life, but I do not
agree with all of their beliefs and ideals.

They have had to earn my respect by acting
with a mutual respect for my thoughts and feelings.

They do not agree with all of my choices in life,
but they have accepted me for who I am.

IF I were some day to get married (DOUBT IT)
I would get married only to a person that I already respect,
and they would have to keep acting in a way that will not
diminish it, or it will be gone.

I also would not feel any need to OBEY my husband.
A healthy relationship works with mutual communication and trust.

Decisions are made as a couple, if they affect both lives.


I think in the bible somewhere it says not to judge,
because that's what God is for. Not man.

And that there are no people without sin.

But then the people that are the most judgemental are
mainly religious. What a surprise.

They judge people based on what they're wearing,
how they talk, what their sexual orientation is,
what their background is, what kind of people they are friends with
and even on how they eat or what they drink.

Insane. Stop being SO DAMN up in MY BUSINESS.
And stop acting like you're above everyone else.

That annoys the shit out of me.


This is it's own chapter.
What is so bad about wearing a skimpy outfit or seeing
other human beings NAKED.

As I recall, Adam & Eve were butt naked all the time.
There is something pure about a person accepting their body
as it is and also the bodies of others.

Some people even find spiritual uplift in being nude.


People should be able to believe in whatever the fuck they want.
Faith should come from inside, not from peer pressure.

I was taught to accept people and their beliefs.
But people have been killing each other,
going to war and forcefully converting each other for centuries.
I think it's okay to let people know what your beliefs are and not take part in some activities
that are against your faith. But that does not mean that you can be mean, discriminate, hurt,
kill, extort or in any other NEGATIVE way try to get them to accept your way of living.

Okay. So now we've covered A LOT of the points that
bother me about religion.

And I can safely say I do not believe in any god
that would be so judgemental that they'd send people
down in a flaming pit for an eternity for such little things.

And I do not want all the negativity that religion seems to
include in the package.

I still have some beliefs of my own,
that I do cherish and that I feel guide me through this life.

I am a spiritual person.

I believe that humans and other living creatures
have an energy or a soul, whatever you wish to call it,
that remains even after we part from our physical form.

Were it to happen in a dream, or after death.

I also have a moral compass that shows me the way.
I do not like cruelty, violence without any purpose,
pretentiousness or any of that crap that causes unnecessary pain to other people.

I believe that with a little bit of love and compassion
for others, we can make a huge difference.

Just be comfortable in your own skin, show that amazing smile,
and accept yourself and other people as they are.

That way you will form good and strong friendships
that will last you a lifetime.

And once you're done with your days here,
you will have created something pure and beautiful through all
the people that you have touched with your presence in their lives.

Do what gives YOU joy,
were it going to church every day,
partying with your friends,
sharing your bed with a lover or two,
dancing naked in the moonlight

Enjoy life.

PS. Okay so I know we dipped deep
into a somewhat serious subject.
Some people are probably gonna hate me.
I can deal with that.
Some might agree. That's good too.

But now you know a little more about me
and can maybe relate more to what I write about.

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Lots of love
© Anonymous92126

Hacked! OMG!


So I have been kind of missing out on all the blogging
I've wanted to be doing because my e-mail account I use to manage the blog
got hacked and I needed to make sure it wouldn't happen again.

Everything seems to be working fine now and has been for a while,
so I think it's safe to get back into it.

YAY FOR THAT!!! ☺ Super happy.

As I promised, you will get something special in return,
and I will make a small Q&A, so post any questions you have
below in the comments section and I will answer them.

And something even more special is yet to come!
So stay tuned!

I will now continue with the challenge that was left
unfinished. Keep sending them if you want to see more.


1. Music

   brings such joy into my life.
   Through music you can channel and experience your
   own feelings in a way that you couldn't do otherwise.
   It can take you away from your problems and despair,
   or help you deal. It's also one of the greatest forms of art and inspires people.

2. Friendship

   with the people I hold dear is my rock.
   It's comforting to know that there are people that genuinely care and will be there for me.

3. The internet

   as sad as it is, is something I find very valuable
   in means of connecting with the world around me.
   There are people that I wouldn't even know without it
   and if I were to be completely cut of for a longer
   period of time, would not be able to stay in contact with.
   A big part of my life would be eliminated and I would be totally crushed and lost.

4. My phone

   is definitely something I need to always be able to  
   contact my family and some of my friends.
   My family isn't big on the whole social media thing, so if anything were
   to happen to me or to them,
   that would be the only form of immediate contact.

So there we have it! 4 things I could NOT live without,
in the world that we live in now and that I have access to.

Stay tuned for my next article coming out later today
about a very exciting topic of spiritualism and religion,
as I share my views and beliefs. This should be interesting.

PS. Remember to comment below if you have any questions for
my Q&A and I promise to answer each and every one of them.

AND remember to protect your accounts online!

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Lots of love  © Anonymous92126