Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just press PLAY ♫

Hello again! 

Posting for the third day in a row now.
I have so much to write about after my break.

I got another topic request recently from one of my friends
and it's something I haven't even thought of writing about.

Music and sex.

Some people swear that music sets the mood. And that there is some music that is
almost made for the sole purpose of making love.

This is a subject that I haven't really ever thought about.
I've had sex while music is playing I'm sure. I've also had sex while the tv was on.

But I just concentrate so much on the other person, that everything surrounding
me just becomes a blur. Music, the sounds of the cars driving by the house,
distant dogs barking.. You name it.

Some people even say, that when the music is right, the rhythm is right.
Please, can I just say: WHAAAAA?

I'm sure you can adapt to the rhythm of the music while you're doing the dirty,
but isn't it boring to stay in the same tempo all the time?

It's true that sometimes two people can have some trouble finding the same page
while they're in bed, but that's just natural. It should be fine with some practice.

Personally, I think the best background noise is nothing more than birds chirping,
rain blasting into the window or just silence.

I think breathing, moaning and laughter, even talking go better with sex than music.
But people are different and I can understand how music may be a requirement
for getting into the moment and blocking everything else out.

But the best sex I've ever had, has been in complete silence, when you can feel and hear the
other persons heart beat. Their breathing. The little moans that slip from the tongue.

When you can hear the sound of kissing. And all the other, maybe not so flattering sounds,
that the human bodies make when they're intertwined. For me it's all part of it.

I think it brings two people, even strangers into a zone where everything about them is acceptable.
And this gets us a little off the rails, but that also applies to lighting.

I do not understand people that can't have sex with lights on.
Isn't it nice to be able to see what the other person looks like? Their eye color, the way that
a drop of sweat is dripping from their forehead, down the eyebrow onto their cheekbones and all the
way down to their chin? I think it's sexy. I think it's primitive, sensual. It's just HOT.

Okay back to the subject, whew, got a little carried away there...

Now that I am writing about this, I'm feeling slight pressure to make a TOP 5 list of songs
for getting it on. I think I owe that to you - my dear readers.

So here we go, click the song title to get to the Youtube link if you're not familiar with them.

1. Kazy - I need you tonight

- Sex is just oozing out of this song in every way imaginable.

2. Placebo - Space monkey

- The music is just so freaking sexy! And the way Brian Molko sings it.. drool.

3. Nine Inch Nails - Closer

- "I want to fuck you like an animal."

4. Madonna - Justify my love

- No need to explain, I hope.

5. Marvin Gaye - Let's get it on

- Okay this is just a must have on this list! It's fun, relaxed and a classic.

That was easier than I thought, Although, I'd rather call them foreplay songs,
since once the act itself begins, I don't hear the music anyways. But, whatever works!

Now I'm curious, what would be your TOP 5 list?
Comment below!

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  1. 1. Jamie Foxx - Can I Take You Home

    2. R. Kelly - 12 Play

    3. Marsha Ambrosius - Come

    4. Marsha Ambrosius - 69

    5. Tweet - Smoking Cigarettes


  2. 1. Marilyn Manson - The Fight Song
    2. Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones
    3. Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart
    4. Murderdolls - People Hate Me
    5. Rob Zombie - Superbeast

    So hard to choose from so many songs. Living with two rather lonely roommates it's only polite to crank the volume to max with this to drown out any other sounds of the play.

    All listed songs tested and some of the times got kind of stuck on the song so that now whenever I hear it in a bar or club I always think of having sex.

    1. Thank you for a great CRANK IT UP -list! ☻
      I listen to bits and pieces of the songs that I didn't know beforehand and will listen through all of them later today once I get home.

      Nice to see someone being considerate of other people too,
      though, I might just crank up my own personal volume instead.

      Maybe I could get punished for being so mean. :D


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