Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bro or No?

Hi guys, how's it hanging?

So lately I've been doing some research
on how to know if a guy is into you or not.

Besides the obvious stalking and  Hey  I'm  totally  into  you
how do we know?

Guys always say us females are so damn complicated,
but I think it goes both ways.

To us girls you guys are these very mysterious creatures
and there is so much that we just don't understand.

Like for an example:

I have loads of guy friends. I'm just more comfortable around them,
because I don't have to hold my tongue and pretend that I'm not a sick twisted fuck. Because I am.
And you seem to be down with that.
Guys also really love food. Like, a lot. Not more than me though.

So I hang out with my friends pretty often.
I just randomly invite people over to watch a movie and eat.
Then listen to some music and explore the fascinating world of YouTube.

BUT I have heard this following statement plenty of times and I just don't know
what to think anymore, because it would totally screw things up for me.

So, I have been told by several people, guys mostly,
that if a guy goes alone to a girls house to watch a movie and hangout, he's into her.
Like, there is NO doubt about it.

They're saying that guys will always hangout with guys, if they have to choose between friends.
Bros before hoes. And that if a guy comes over to watch  movie with me, they probably wanna fuck me.


This would mean 80% of my friends wanna get down and dirty with me.
I don't know if I'm fine with that. See, I would like to think that I'm just fun.
Good company. Entertaining. I would like to think I can be just one of the guys.

And sure, sometimes they make a move. But that's pretty rare.
Mostly we just chill and they leave and say good night.

When I'm with these people I can let my guard down and be who I am.
But what are they actually thinking? Are they just there to get some?

This has really become a problem for me.
And just to clear things up a bit, I would like to add,
that I'm only talking about my single male friends that I know to be straight.

I have a lot of guy friends that are in a relationship and for them it just must be nice
to be around a girl you can share some of your relationship stuff with and maybe
get some advise on women. Or do guys rather do that with guys too?


Can't it just be platonic?

Guys I really need you to come clean and share your point of view.
If you're single and you go to a girls house to catch a movie
and maybe eat some junk food, listen to music or whateverthefuckyoudo,
do you always think it might lead to something more than just a chillout-session?
Help a girl out and tell me what your thoughts are on this subject!
And girls, give a shout in the comment box below if you too find guys very complicated.

PS. We're finally over 800 cherries popped!!!
      Thank you everyone, this is so great!

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  1. Vast majority of my friends are girls, and most single too. I often watch movies with them, drink tea, pay, have fun, but have no intention to add sex into the equation except for a few very rare exceptions.

    Men as a group don't actually want to fuck everything and all the time, that's just what the society expects and demands. Don't hurt to ask though, if you want to be sure.

  2. I meant to say play, ended up saying pay. No I don't pay my friends to hang out with me. Damn typos.

    1. Yeah some guys just give really bad advise.. it would seem. I mean OBVIOUSLY not all of them wanna have sex with me. But how do I know wich ones do, since they all act the same? That's the issue at hand.

      And YEAH sure you don't pay.. ;) sure. Whatever you say.

    2. I think this might be a cultural issue as well. In America at least, it seems like guys talk about their intentions more than in Finland. Or should I just say they talk more in general, lol.

    3. I've never been to the states. So far I just think some guys are just total mutes when it comes to putting it all out there in the open. They're a bit awkward and might not value being direct with people.

  3. Those who aren't honest enough to actually tell you what they want don't deserve any of your time. If they say they want to hang out and have a good time without sexual tension of any kind, then go with it. I hate it when people have hidden agendas and do one thing just to achieve something completely different.

    Specially in the art of photography this kind of people ruin it for everyone. Because of nasty slimy scumbags with hidden agendas it's almost impossible to ask someone to be your model for a photoshoot without them thinking you just want to put your dick in them using the camera as a pathetic excuse.

    1. I don't feel like it should be a topic that everyone has to discuss with their friends before they can be alone together in the same room. Either there's something or then there isn't.

      I expect a guy to at least try to flirt with me if they're interested. And when it doesn't happen during the first couple of times we hang out together and THEN they make a move after a long time of us knowing each other it just confuses the shit out of me.
      There's something seriously wrong with that.


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