Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hit me up!

Dear readers,
I've been doing some posts that have required your assistance.

I rather like keeping the gender ratio in my surveys even and I always end up getting more
male participants, so I'm now sending an S.O.S to all you lovely ladies that read my blog:

You can use the Hit me up -gadget on the right OR
Go to my page and send me a message if you would like to take part!
I will be able to answer directly to your e-mail address whenever I have a new post that
needs YOUR VOICE in it. Even then, you can can choose not to answer some questions,
or even to not take part at all!
Contacting me will give me the option to inform you of any new surveys coming up,
so if you like the posts with reader Q&A's, hit me up!

And HUGE thanks for every single one of you that has offered their opinions, ♥ U!

© Anonymous92126

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