Monday, May 25, 2015

All about Appearances


I have a funny-serious topic for ya peeps today!

Okay so where I live, in Finland, there is a politician that
recently got caught sending messages of sexual nature on FB to young(er) women.

I mean the guy is about, oh I dunno, 50 or 60. So no wonder - scandal followed.
Now the poor man is on sick leave LOL from work! The media totally trashed him.

I don't know if it's me that's weird or the public's reaction.
I just can't really see what's so wrong with his actions. Can you?

Okay, Facebook has pretty easy ways to block people, close messaging windows etc.
So it's not like he could have actually been bothering those women that much with:
"I like your cleavage" or "Wanna have sex?" And I'm pretty sure that was pretty much the
nature of the messages he was sending the ladies. They could have just blocked him if they
weren't actually flattered by the compliments he was showing them.

Let me do some calculus... He's a man who likes beautiful women = correct,
added to the fact that messaging more than one woman is also more likely to result to
a roll in the hay, compared to messaging just one.

He is in politics so I'm not completely sure of his level of intelligence,
but to me that seems like the thing to do if you wanna fuck younger women,
which I'm sure plenty of mature gentlemen do. Seems like a smart move.
Nothing to be ashamed of!

He sounds like a fairly normal dude, with normal desires.
There to stand up for the normal people, perhaps...
I haven't really paid that much attention to his political views.
He might be a douche for all I know. But that's because it is completely beside the point.

He's not being charged with anything. He hasn't committed any crime while making those girls
aware of his agenda (to put his dirty old-man-penis inside of their pretty young things).
So why should he be publicly shunned for his actions that, let's be honest here guys, we all can understand?


He's just a man. Not even that famous. I mean, he is just there to read papers, sign them,
vote in our behalf and make bad decisions - like all politicians. And it's certainly not worth
this much attention. I was surprised that this thing got so much publicity. I don't get it.

And he wasn't doing anything we all haven't done before. HE WAS TRYING TO GET LAID. 
Ladies and gentlemen, news of the year: A guy caught trying to get some. Get your pitchfork.

And the age difference is really not that big of a deal. At least for me.
I've had sex with men almost twice my age and I honestly didn't notice a difference.
Age really doesn't put the K in kinky. It's all the other stuff.

Who are we to judge anyone that holds the spotlight?
Really, I don't see how they're any different from us.

Sometimes they drink and fornicate. Sometimes they perv around.
Sometimes they even get caught doing something that they actually get punished for
in the eyes of the law - still doesn't make them less human.

The only thing I feel like he should be embarrassed for is the fact
that after the scandal he went on sick leave. And it's still going. After weeks.
Doctor,  doctor!  The magazines are bullying me and even people on Twitter,  I can't possibly work!

Bitch please.

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  1. They were not younger women.
    Those women planned that btw and it was in the news.

    1. Thank you for your comment. On the radio they said some of the women were a lot younger than him. I think it was Lapin Radio.

      And yes, women planning stuff like that had been on the surface for a while now, but that is a whole different subject. ☺


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