Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Heya peepers!

So while I'm waiting for men to show their interest towards my survey, I figured it was time
to write a personal post again. Kinda let ya guys know what's going on with me.

So, obviously I'm still gaming, that's a given. But the previous relationship took a little toll on
my spare time. We had such different interests and he was .. uhm.. very specific on what he
wanted to use his time on. So we pretty much always did what he wanted to do.

And yes, it is a  previous  relationship now. We broke it off about 3 months ago.
Just wasn't gonna work out. ☺ No hard feelings.

After the break-up I decided to try abstinence, at least 'till there was actually someone in my life that
I was interested in. Because dull one-night-stands just didn't seem worth my while anymore.

It was SUPER hard. I mean, wow, my clit was going cray-cray. After 3-4 weeks without sex,
I could feel it throbbing 24/7. Sexual frustration almost made me forsake my plans.
But somehow I managed to survive. Though I did go on a couple of dates, didn't even kiss anyone.
Not one make-out session took place in that period of time. And I gotta say, pretty damn proud of it!

It's not like I'm a prude that is against one-night-stands, no. I've had my fair share, believe me.
But maybe because I've already been down that road and lived a little, I knew I needed more this
time around. Casual sex had become so boring even before the last guy I dated.

And now I've found a guy that I like a lot. Hell, I'm crazy about him! andhispenis
We have so much in common and share the same kind of humor.
He makes me feel like a damn teenager. It's weird, but I like it!

And yeah. He's a little shy so I'm gonna keep the dirty to myself 'till I get his permission to
share some of it with you guys. BUT I can tell ya this much: IT IS AMAZEBALLS.


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