Monday, September 15, 2014

My way

Hello everyone.

Today I'm not going to write as cheerfully and casually as usual.
I have something on my mind and I'd like to share it with you guys.

I heard a statement, that people who live selfishly, live a longer and
more importantly - a happier life.

So I started thinking how that could in any way be possible.
Aren't selfish people usually lonely? Doesn't loneliness make you sad?

After a while of pondering on the subject I forced myself out of the box and
soon realized that there are positive ways to be selfish. It may not be a bad thing.

I think it is wonderful that people take joy in helping others.
Caring is an incredible thing. But can't it also be done for selfish reasons?

Isn't everything we do, done from a subjective angle?
I think the answer to that question is a definite YES.

Surely we can never fully understand the need of others.
Or their wants and dreams in life. We can only see things from our perspective.

What some people see as selfishness, others would consider a totally selfless act.

And don't we also want to feel good about ourselves?
Feel like for once we have done the right thing, independent from our own needs.

I know I enjoy the feeling of giving. Helping, being needed.

I also want to feel like the future of the planet,
the world that surrounds us, is secured and also MY FUTURE.

All of us have our own reasons for doing the things we do - the good and the bad.
We don't do it because someone out there is guiding us to the right direction.

There is no right direction.
Only a subjective view of what is best for survival and happiness.

Even if we do something that we don't enjoy, for the happiness of the people around us,
it can't truly be considered selfless. We hate seeing other people miserable.

Think about it, how many people researching a cure for cancer, have lost someone
dear to them to the disease? And how many of them has that been an inspiration to?

I don't know for sure, but I would guess, many.
It doesn't take away the value of it, those people get paid to do an important job.
And it's even better that they are inspired to do it.

Same goes with pretty much everything, we need to have a reason.
Without any drive, we would accomplish nothing. And never achieve greatness.

They say lazy people have been responsible for many great inventions.
And I second that theory. Selfishness is not something to be seen in a negative light.

Of course, like with everything else, moderation is key.
People that have no consideration for other beings or that use totally
disrespectful ways to get what they want aren't just selfish.

They are narcissistic. They throw off the balance that makes it work.
The magic of it all are people who do things for others for selfish reasons,
GOOD things.

They make the world better, for good reasons, for themselves too.
They thrive to be happy, because they think they deserve it, but have a healthy look on life.
They understand that to be truly happy, you need to be surrounded by happy people and love.

Talking about love, among humans, there is no selfless love.
It is never unconditional. There are always expectations, hopes and dreams.
But it is forgiving and makes room for mistakes.

Love gives chances to try again if you fucked up.
But only to a certain limit. Love is selfish and it should be selfish.

Love makes people grow. It makes people want to be more than they are
and it challenges people that surround you, to be more than what they are.

"Selfish people live a longer - happier life."

©  Anonymous92126

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