Friday, June 6, 2014

An odd thing

Hello peepers!

So I had a very interesting start to my week.
I was drinking with my buddies. Not a lot,
but like a few beers, hanging out & singing karaoke.

You know, the basic stuff you do at a bar.

When it was time to leave I took my bike
and was FINE for the time being.

But then something happened, I fucked up
and ended up in the ditch with the skin on my fingers FUCKING PEELED OFF.
I can tell you right now, that shit hurts.

Other than that I also bumped my head,
my left shoulder, both of my thighs, my right knee
and my jaw has a nasty wound and bruising on it too.

So OFC I look god damn sexy right now with all these bandages,
bruises and my eyes all wild from the very strong painkillers.

But I'm alive and this will not get in the way
of me blogging for you guys! ☺ ♥

So here I am, continuing the 10-day challenge.

So there are A LOT of weird things I do almost on a daily basis
and I'm only allowed to list 3. This is gonna be hard.

1. Teaching my dog English

So I don't know how WEIRD this is,
but I don't think it's normal to talk to your pet in a foreign language.
But I do it anyway.

I don't know if he can understand me, but since I think in English it feels very natural for me.
And who knows, maybe my dog is bilingual by now!

2. Being a mermaid 

Again, not too sure of what stage of FREAKY this is,
but I take my laptop with me to the bath.

I usually make a nice strong structure with something over the sink,
then put my lappy on it and just watch a movie while I bathe.

And it might be a long ass movie too.
Then I end up being in the water for like 2 hours straight.

Eventually the water will cool down and I will have to empty the
tub a little bit so I can refill it with warm water.

Sometimes I even make a little picnic out of my time in the bath
and bring snacks. Like tea and a bite to eat.

When I finally get out I look like a fucking raisin.

3. Using my coffee maker to brew tea

So this I do all day - every day!
Since I am hugely addicted to tea.

So instead of using like a GAZILLION tea bags per day,
I only use a few.

And how I manage to do that is with my coffee maker.
I put the tea bag in the pot and max out the water and TADDAAH!

9 fucking cups of tea.
With just 1 bag.

But I get weird looks from my guests every time I do it.

Okay so there we go.
I'm sure some of the weird things that I do might have been more
interesting, but these are the ones I do basically every day.

If you want to find out more, just send me more questions for my
upcoming Q&A!

Also comment below and tell me what weird stuff you do often
and maybe I won't feel so awkward about this.

PS. So I know I promised you guys something EXTRA SPECIAL
when we hit 1000 views and it's almost time to reveal what it will be.
Stay tuned this weekend to find out!

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