Thursday, April 10, 2014

1st Challenge - DAY 2

1. Food!
    Because.. food. I'm always hungry. Seriously. I could eat all day long.

2. Sex!
    I don't think I need to give you any reasons. Orgasms.

3. Music!
    If you're in a shitty mood, just listen to a happy song! It'll all be okay.

4. Movies!
    Because it's nice into go to a whole other world and experience a romance or a world ending,
    without actually having to be there.

5. Potato chips!
    Sour Cream & (add something good) all the way. So addicting.

6. Gaming!
    With a PC of course. Finally I can be the kind of a warrior I've always wanted to be and do all this
    stuff in a fantasy world filled with dragons and shit. Fuck yeah.

7. Watching disturbing videos on YouTube!
    Classics like Salad Fingers, Happy Tree Friends, Rejected, Little Baby's Ice Cream
    and Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. Creepy but fun.

8. Junk food!
    Junk food is good any day, but you should only eat it every once in a while.
    NOT because it's not unhealthy, but because you get used to it and it won't be SO GOOD anymore.

9. Chocolate!
    I have lady parts and a lady needs chocolate.

I don't like any of these things better than the others, the order just depends on the day.
If you haven't seen some of these videos, check out the links on part 7.
Cya tomorrow with DAY 3!

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