Friday, April 11, 2014

1st Challenge - DAY 3

1. Spiders
    There is nothing in this world I hate more than spiders.
    Sure it would be good to say WAR or someshit, but this is the truth.

2. Movies about spiders
    They just freak me out. I can't deal with spiders.

3. Needles
    It's something about losing control when someone sticks a FATSHARPNEEDLE in you.
    If they snap they can shove it as deep as they want. Like.. into the bone.

4. Gin
     Tastes so bad. Instant gag reflex.

5. Doing the dishes
    I hate getting gooey stuff on my fingers..
    And I hate wearing rubber gloves, because then my hands smell like puke after.

6. Commercials
    They take sooooo long. That's why I don't have a TV. I just watch everything online.

7. Snow
    It's cold and wet and it just makes me uncomfortable.

    And when it snows really heavily that shit gets all over my glasses and I can't see a fucking thing.

8. Rain
    It's cold and wet.. and it messes with my hair. Bitch.

Okay guys, comment below and tell me what things you hate the most!
This was day 3/10 so there's still more to come, stay tuned!

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