Sunday, April 13, 2014

Exclusivity remains

So I decided to start blogging in Tumbrl as well.
Because I really like to use it and I enjoy the way the community works.

Don't worry, I will still keep posting here, the same as always.
But from here on out both Twitter and Tumblr will have some extra content!

That's not all though, I will still keep the challenge posts right here in Blogger,
so this page too will get to keep some of it's exclusivity.

The page turned out great and it will definitely get my articles more views,
so it's only a good thing.

Go check it out  here  and tell me what you think!
If you haven't joined the community yet, it's about time you did.
Also remember that you can follow @Anonymous92126 on Twitter.

PS. We're closing in on 1000 CHERRIES POPPED!!!
Share, like, tweet and continue to send me topics and challenges.
I promise to do something extra special for the BIG THOUSAND!

© Anonymous92126

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